How many eddm cards would you mail if you were me?

It’ll be my first year in business full time. I have two part time employees.

How many eddm cards would you mail out if you were me?
And what would be your strategy. 500 first week, 200 second week?? or something different?

It doesn’t work that way. You mail to an entire route. So it’s more which routes do you want to target

I understand that but do you think that if I target a route for lets say 400 customers, should I leave it at that? And then target another route the next week. Or should I just get 5000 cards and target all of the routes that I want immediately? I think that would be over kill and I prob wouldnt be able to keep up with the work generated

1-1.5 percent response rate is considered good for direct mail.

Good or average?

Good. Average might be lower. Like .5%

based on many’s experiences of not coming close to having that problem, there’s some hopeful optimism :eek:

A steady drip to the same couple routes would probably do better than one big blast

Yea if you send 5k cards the first time I wouldn’t worry about not being able to handle the work generated. If you got .5% response and booked all of them that’s 25 jobs(honestly probably will not happen). You could send 1k a week for 5 weeks, that’s hitting about 2 routes per week around here. It is just like every other form of marketing, you have to be consistent.

depends of the day.last year I was using Vistaprint and sent in April 1100 and got 2 jobs. %0,0018181818181818 so…

This year I will use Mr. Kevin Dubrosky strategies from the book.All ready have couple flyers ready.


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I think you should pick out a area of about 4,500

Then mail out say 1500 every week… So you go in 3 week cycles. Adjust up or down if you need more or less work…


Splitting it up like that was kinda what I was thinking. Just didn’t know how much to send at a time.

We’ve got routes equaling about 7500. About 12 routes total, and then 1 “custom” route we’ll be putting stickers and stamps on to target VERY desirable neighborhoods hidden in undesirable routes.

I think we’re gonna do 3 routes/week end of march-end of April, and then probably slow it down a little. We’ll be shuffling through 4 or 5 different cards throughout the year. Hoping to hit every neighborhood at least 3 times with separate cards.

I’m very interested to see how it turns out.

How big is your crew?

Would it make sense to use the same card each time. Cheaper to order, consistent look.

Crew of me and one guy part time, but he’s had his own business for about a decade, so he’s really good.

It would be cheaper to use the same card, a little, at least. But with the killer savings on “at cost printing”, it’s worth it to advertise different services.

Lol @ generating too much work to handle. You’ll be lucky it you get your money back out of it :cool:

8.5x11 gives you a lot of space for multiple services.