How many feet of fill hose for wfp do you need to get around a house or building?

Putting together a water fed system in our van and wanted to know how many feet of polel hose r u running from vehicle to get around house or building and what type of hose r u using. Lay it on me I have a 300 ft cox reel for 3/4 pressure washing hose ready to rock and roll.

Couple hundred feet is good for most situations, for some commercial stuff you could need more.

200’ of supply (garden) Hose wil fit on that Cox 300’.

I use 300’ of 3/8" air water hose on a Cox Reel. I do a lot of residential on large lake lots and have never fell short with 300’. If I used only 200’ or even 250’ I would have fell short many times. Bottom line…don’t short yourself of the gear you really need for the job you’re doing.

The only time I’ve had to disconnect and relocate my setup was on very large commercial jobs like a college campus with multiple buildings.

I run 150 ft of garden hose to my R3 and then I have 300ft of 1/4" air hose to run from the machine.

get the 3/8 inch orange air hose at home depot, comes in one hundred foot sections and you can buy couplers and connect the three of them together and you have 300 feet of airhose for only sixty dollars. You will need an adapter to connect it fron the air hose to the di water tank, that is 6 dollars, all can be bought at home depot.

I am running 350’ on a cox reel with room for another hundred I bet, but the 350’ feet is plenty. I run a 100’ supply hose to the tanks. On some commercial jobs, I still need to move the trailer, but with the reel, its not a big deal. Can roll it all up in just under a minute.

It all depends on what type jobs you are doing. If you do homes then 150 ft should be fine. You can always move the van. If middies you may want to go with 300 ft as water supplies may be far from windows. I use clear tubing 3/8 200 ft. Very durable and very light. Can be purchased at Ace Hardware 23 cents a foot.

Average 1000 sqft ranch is 40ft by 25ft. I use 2 150ft hoses. On small homes I use one hose and completely encircle a home starting at the front door. Also the wfp will have some hose left even if it’s extended which can give you an exta 10ft give or take. And believe me, it helps sometimes. On large homes 4k or larger both hoses are used starting from the front door. One goes left and the other right and they met in the center of the back of the home. If the house is so large sometimes there is nothing you can do. You have to either add hose or move the machine. I tend to move the machine. It’s cheaper lol. If I’m banging out multiple small homes in one day, the helpers use both hoses. One does one side of the home and the other does the other. You get the idea.

I put 300’ of 1/4" hose on this real and I actually hook it up to the DI which is hooked to the house tap. I know where the 200’ mark is because I spliced in a 100 foot section. I’m always dipping into that last 100 feet and I don’t leave the real on the truck and the houses are not too big so I’d say you could easily fit 400’ feet on that real, go for it.