How many panes can you get with one Unger indoor pure water pad

I ordered a single under indoor pure water pad just so I could try it out, how many panes on average should I expect to be able to clean with one pad on a regular monthly storefront customer

impossible to answer. could be 10 or could be zero. depends on how well maintained and what kind of soiling is on the glass. one pad won’t get you very far though. i would have a minimum of eight if you would like to use them regularly.

Yeah it really depends on how dirty the windows are and what is on them but if your not dealing with a lot of grease you should be able to get quite a few with a monthly maintenance clean.

so on my comercial days, lets say i’m gonna clean 200 panes of not very dirty glass (cleaned monthly) half of those inside (100) 8 pads should be enough?

If you’re going to clean about 100 panes, 8 will probably not be enough. I would probably have at least 20 if you are planning to use them for all the panes.

for you who have used them, is there difficulty using them the first time after switching from a squeegee?

Microfiber cleans by trapping dirt in the fibers and moving it to the bottom of the fiber. Once it is filled with debris it will no longer clean. With the Unger indoor pads you will see it leaving dust or debris on the glass when it is full.