How much dawn per gallon?

How much Dawn do you use per gallon of water?

I’m really not sure how much but I would guess a table spoon per gallon or maybe two. I just give the bottle good squeeze for about 3seconds for 3 gallons of water.

We use like 5-10 drops. The less bubbles the better.

same just a squirt, but I normally make the batch up in a Kitty litter pail, so 3 gal and it is 2 quick squirts

I have a tablespoon tied to my bucket an I use 1tbs per two gallons of water. Nice glide and not too may suds. I screwed around with the mix for a while and that works the best for me.

A hefty glurp, i like the suds.

I did the same back in the day…

Just shy of a 1/4 cup per 5 gallon bucket most times of the year unless the heat index is through the roof. I like the soap. We also premix it the night before. I think it gives the soap and water a little more time to mix with each other. It seems to become way more slippery that way. We do this with Palmolive.


how does heat effect how much soap you use?

When you speak of “Back in the day” are you speaking of the early 30’s or late 30’s :stuck_out_tongue:

With too much soap, there is more residue in heat and wind.

IMO, this is where GG4 excels.

I’m glad someones using dawn and knows about back in the day. I just started and was worried about it. Hopefully it won’t give me problems before this is profitable and worth buying something else. I drop a squirt and use as little as possible in a 10 qt bucket to mitigate soap risk I think. Was hot today, water was evaporating before i could grab the squegee. was a bit squeeky from little soap and took some scrubbing on specks but i’m worried about residue and window bleed.