How much did u make today?inspire me

I just want to hear about how much you made today?any new business? Don’t have to go on detail…as long as you made some money…I made $65 today

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Hello, today I didn’t make anything but I went on my biggest residential lead yet.

Last week I made about $485 for 2 homes in a day. Just me.

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$2,410 but not from window cleaning. Yesterday I earned $1,200 on a wfp job.

Some days I earn nothing and they’re my favorite because I get to relax and spend time doing the more important things. Those are the days that truly count!


Yesterday I did a $500 window cleaning job in around 3 1/2 hours. Then went and quoted about $2500 in power washing work.

Today will be $900 for power washing and some exterior window cleaning. I hope to be done around 2pm.


$2450, outside only wfp


$495 resi job on the water, two quotes to run after.

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what kind of job?

today, $1350 church with a few buildings. 6hrs ish


I did a house $330 with a $20 tip and a small airport tower cab. $300. With drive time and waiting for FAA escort 7hrs.


Commercial windows, assisted living buildings

Combo of jobs… Multiple streams of cleaning incom

Monday $244, finished by 11:00; Traditional.
Yesterday $470, finished by noon; Mix of Trad and WFP.
Today $650, finished by 12:30; Mix of mostly WFP and some trad.


Ima need that wfp asap lol

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The dentist made 1500.00 today that’s all I know


My Chiropractor makes $45 per person per 15 minutes. There are three of us at a time on the traction table while he works the one who just got off the table. Last week his office was full (6 of us) and more came in after us.
Hey, I’m a Doctor of Window Cleaning and my time and financial needs are just as important. There’s a price for that.


“Made” $1k with today’s work. Lots of windows with WFP work. It’s a resort so exterior only speeds up what you can do.

Edit: forgot the quotes because expenses and all

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I have a cleaning business also I’m not going to count that and I buffef floors today… but I managed to squeeze in a window job $40… last month did a learning center windows for $2,300…

Did $810 yesterday, started at 9am, did gutters and wc on one house, windows on a townhouse, and pressure washed a deck. Finished at 2:30


Yup, I only do exteriors and it is amazing. $ per hour is way higher than messing around inside.


I went to the Post Office and found about $1100 in checks that I had basically forgotten about. That’s my favorite kind of work day!