How much do you charge for gutter cleaning and christmas light hanging?

Hi All,

Just added gutter cleaning to the list of services. I decided to charge .75 cents per foot for single story and a dollar per fooot for 2nd story. Does that sound about right?

How about christmas lights? I guess you would charge per string of lights. Then of course more for 2nd story and less for single story

Any experiences?

What factors were involved in your pricing decision? Hourly $ target, production rate, degree of debris/dirt, access, etc.? Did it all add up for you?

I charge $1 for single story, $2 for two story, but thats just me and my area. I’m not sure where you are at, or what your area is willing to pay. Besides, walking along the edge of a roof, or climbing up and down a ladder moving the length of a building is not my favorite thing, so if I am going to do it, I plan on making it worthwhile.

I went with the $1.00 per Ft. but lost a bunch of jobs because it was too high. you have to take into consideration the ease or difficulty of it. I had a 300 ft. of gutter estimate that I lost. I bid the $300, but didnt take into consideration it was all flat roof, and would be done in 1 hour…and the customer knew that too. Use the $1.00 as a general rule and go from there…look at the whole picture and get a feel on how long it will take you…add or subtract as you feel.

If I had one with a flat roof I would probably lower the price, but we don’t have a lot of flat roofs around here, to much snow in the winter.

Well what I do is charge by the foot = more pay = covers extra costs such as more lights, ladder prices, new equip., fuel costs if you drive like I do, ect. My costs are.50 cents/foot for 1st floor and then $1/foot for the 2nd floor (as the costs are based on the footage of lights hung up). Make sure when you do first/second floor homes you offer some sort of big discount so the final cost is reasonable and not out of the roof (expensive). If the customer only wants the second floor of their house done then charge your 2nd floor price but when the price goes over $275 offer a small discount to bring the price to or under $275. If you would like to make more money, then charge an extra $20 per task. BE SURE to talk with the customer about mabey taking down the lights after the season is over. P.S.: the discounts will hopefully keep your customers coming back. Also ask your customer to write down the extra tasks that they would like to have done.

Also, you’ll need to know what kind of payments you’ll be accepting, weather that might be cash, checks or credit/debit card.