How much do you charge to remove holiday paint?

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! I’m trying to get an idea of what to charge for Christmas paint removal. I have a few accounts that have paint and I want to make sure I’m doing my best to price them. Thanks!

that’s a loaded question

many times what looks simple end up complex and what looks complex ends up simple

depends on the paint, what it’s over and going to run down on and can stain or not like stucco, sidewalk, planter

depends on the debris left, will the paint dissolve? (those Tempra flat chalky type paints) now you have stain avoidance issues
will the paint not dissolve? (vinyl acrylics) now you have debris removal issues (what it lands on it will stick and leave multicolor debris that can last in planters till the next year
size of debris, will it blade off (that’s a whole other issue) in big swaths or disintigrate in micro chips and pieces?

did it bake on the glass in the sun or is it in a shady spot?

is it on metal frames or just the glass?

boy this just took me down memory lane of the pandoras box painted glass really is

you can also tell them you dont remove it. many times the painter claims they will come back and remove it

I’ve seen some stores have it up until they could finally find somebody who would do it in Feb or March lol!

And then if you clean their windows regularly and they decide to do it themselves, oh man, what a mess you’ll usually encounter

try to educate them not to have their windows painted in the future, get vinyl stick ons or something instead

Bruce, great reply. I will usually do one window and time it. Have a monthly scrape job now. Priced it too low. But have told my other customers if they get painted I am going to charge ten bux a window to remove. It takes about four minutes to remove. you know if you put rain x on the glass and paint with rustoleum oil based it comes off real easy and lets you soap and squeegee without dissolving. Rain won’t get it either.


I just 100x the cost of storefront cleaning, makes it worth my headache