How much do you make now?

Of course I expect no one to answer this. Nor should they (except in the poll)

Be honest in your answer as you would only be lying to yourself. This is a totally blind poll and no one will know anything.

How much are you making right now?

I suggest making the poll spread much wider. Perhaps keeping it annual or monthly. I know many who have a daily goal of at least 1,000.00 This may seem outrageous but many a small company are cranking in 200,000 or 300,000 per year.

Agreed think Bigger!

dude being well over a $1000 a week


well over $5000 a month are the same thing aren’t they?

There are 4.3 weeks in a month, right.

well dude, I guess you are right

As interesting as these poles are, when you ask “What are you making a week now?” you need to separate the one-man show from the small company (2-3 employees) to larger window cleaning companies (10, 20 employees)

Maybe have a poll for one-man-show. another pole for small company and another for larger company. Money based on what the COMPANY brought in.

agreed. $1000 a day for a one man show does seem quite difficult.
two or three guys is easy.