How much do you net as an owner / operator?

Hey guys,

I know this a bit of a personal question but as we are all friends here.
How profitable is your business for you? As an owner / operator how much does your business put in your back pocket say monthly? I just kind of want to get a feel for what the average window cleaning business with a few trucks and owner operator makes for them selves? Dont answer if your not comfortable but for the sake of conversation share if your open.

Right now since mine is in the start up stage iv made anywhere from 300 bucks a month sometimes to $2300 and sometimes none…lol, so if you have a chance cheak out my other thread see if you can help me out with any and all advise on getting this business off the ground!

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this fourm is pretty damn useful.

I have another thread on here regarding how to help market my business more, please cheak it out if you have time.


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I would love to but seeing that I am still in the process of purchasing my company and have been for 3 years the numbers are just to hard to lay out. I make a nice living now and hopfully once everything is paid for I will be set. till then…Debt Sucks!

One guy could make 5k to 25k a month I would think. Sometimes less if you are slow for a couple months.

if you work hard I’d say it wouldnt be hard to do 5K a month starting out.

I’d say that’s doable also Matt. Of course not here in Iowa, but we don’t get as high a price per pane as alot of places. I guess I’d should ask where Crown is from huh?:eek:

lets say you do 2 houses a week…easy…and those are an average of $250 a job…that’s $500 a week or $2,000 a month. That’s SUPER EASY to do as a person starting off. That’s not a good income but at least it’s a picture of someone maybe just getting in and they need a base.

After 6months to a year full time 5K-7K a month is not to hard


We are from Victoria British Columbia, its a city located on vancouver island just off the coast of BC.

I usually average about $200-$250 a house depending on the house. But here for some reason people freak the hell out “THIS IS RIDICULOUS ITS ONLY WINDOWS” being a businessman I put up with it but i just want to respond " This is just a finger" lol.

Demographics include:
-average house pirce of 487g probably down to 445g range,
-an large senior presence

  • 300,000 homes in the city
  • average house hold income is around 95g
    -14 Listed Yellow page window cleaners (including me)
  • A few bucket and pole guys

If that helps make any help in guessing the potential income.


Crown Window Cleaners

there are 5 yellow page guys and a window cleaner ever mile here…no joke…competition is really stupid down here.

get up, gear up and show…do that and you’ll get busy and make money

So, you are assuming that the owner/operator works full-time in the business, too, then, in this scenario?

And they have 3 or more trucks and crews going (of 2-3 guys per crew), right?

There are so many variables…how much do you claim as “personal income” instead of “corporate income”, etc…

You could make a killing, or you could be making $25/hr, like the guys working for you, but have a million extra headaches along the way.

There are often seasonal variations, with heavy Spring and Fall workloads, so they would have to be factored in.

Here is my answer:

$1,000-$2,000/day, with this scenario.

I’ve had days that I earn that (other people doing the actual work) and days that I lose money, it just depends on the variables.

How many houses at the $250 price point could a little crew for you complete in a day?

good one Stark!!

My current set up is one Dodge Ram 1500, a crew is just me and my business partner. We seem to be quite slow though, I am not sure if its our techniques or what, but a typical house can range from like 2-5hrs, some houses have taken us 2 days. One problem we have is on some houses the water poles leaves marks, on some it doesn’t. So when we have to get up on a ladder to complete all the windows it eats up time really easily. I think if we improved our timing and technique we could knock out 2 houses a day if we could book them.

Okay, that seems low, then.

Only two houses a day and $250 each? So, $250 each per day, then?

It sounds like you guys need to work on the technical side a bit more, and increase your speed, or jack up your prices, or both. Sounds like both, actually.

Define “typical house”

What kind of windows, storms?

It is an either efficiency, price point issue or both. I would definitely get that under control before spring.

I was gonna say…

“wow… I am WAY ahead of the curve then.”

Flying solo I can do two $250 jobs in a day. Might even pop over and do a couple of estimates and answer my cell phone from time to time as well.


When I have a helper I can do twice that. If not more.

I started essentially part time and pulled $1500 weekly. (gross)

$7-$9k net is definitely doable.