How much do you pay your Technicians?

I’m curious as to how much other Window/Gutter Cleaning companies are paying their Technicians. I’m wondering if I’m paying low or high.

I start a new Technician out at $13/hr. After about a month, when they have been trained enough to take one of the company vehicles out and complete jobs on their own, I bump it up to $14/hr.

Usually they are up to $15 an hour by 6 months, and $16 by one year.

Right now I’m capping out Technicians at around $18 per hour.

I have a guy I’m giving more and more responsibility who I hope will be my Operations Manager within 6 months. Right now he is at $18 per hour, and should be at $20 per hour by May.

So, am I low or high?

I am in California. I’m sure our geographic locations make a difference. Thanks!


We start at $15 through training and for the first month in the field. If they’re good, they get bumped up after then. If they suck, buh-bye. Techs peak out at $18, and thats lead tech training pay. Our goal is not to have a bunch of techs but a bunch of guys that can run a crew.

There’s a caveat to that tho…

Our par for residential is $1200 a day. If these guys can work with their leader and get 8 hours worth of work done in 5, I pay them for the whole day. There’s no reason to punish good perormance.

Leads start at 16% commission. 2nd year 17%. 3rd year 18%.


I’m in Cali too.

16 helper
16 helper
20 lead
20 lead
23.5 lead

  • Operations manger takes a salary

Does paying some guys hourly and some on percentage ever get confusing? I’m assuming they work in pairs usually?

Your starting pay seems a little low to me but I am in a large metropolitan area.

What else do you offer to attract or keep employees? Paid vacation/sick pay? Health insurance? Bonuses? Company vehicle?

Always in pairs, a lead tech and a tech.

They get Paid Time Off. Only 3 hours per month the first year, but then 7 hours per month years 2-5. After the first year there are 4 Paid Holidays. Yes there are bonuses for the Tech that brings in the most revenue for the month, or the one that produces the most revenue per hour, and the one that brings in the most 5-star reviews. They take a company vehicle home at night. We provide $50 per month of supplemental AFLAC insurance.


That is about where I have been also wage wise. When doing percent it is around 35% which usually converts to $16.00 to $18.00 average per hour when they are at peak performance and speed.

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I start at $15 but Now in Alexanders W C my guy gets $25 an hour but He has been cleaning for me 2 years
and can do all the work with-out me . He can produce up to $500 to $1,200 depending on the jobs. In WeDewWindows my guy gets $35 an hour but for the last 9 years he does the all the work because i live 2,000 miles away. Both are in there 40’s and I think that is the key right there. They work as if the own the business!
Phillip Alexander Owner of SimPole
alexanderswindowcleaning and wedewwindows .

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Do you need anyone to work for WeDewWindows?

No Sergio does it all and there is not much left to do in Oak Ridge Or Knoxville .
I have not really bid that many new job since I live AZ the Last 9 years.
I thought you sell homes now?

Nope just windows. I can help the Knoxville still

I am an employee, what these guys are saying is about right in terms of employees. I have been with the same company for over a decade and enjoy working here. I get 1 week vacation a year (I take it in the summer), paid Holidays (I think about 6 or 7 a year), if I am sick a day or two or there’s a rain day-- I still get paid for the week (I just make the days up, I am dependable and reliable so there’s never an issue). I get paid for my gas, I use my own truck but am paid for using it. I am covered under Workman’s Compensation from the company.

He’s a straight shooter and keeps me employed year-round. I consider him my mentor, and enjoy working for him. Mainly I am working by myself, there are times I do not physically see my boss for days on end-- but we have good communication and I know what needs to be done. He tells me to “Treat them like my own” and I take this job very serious as any employee should.

He is aware of my side work, hell he was the one who told me to “get your feet wet, there is so much work out there”. Out of respect, I do not nor have I ever “poached” a customer in 10+ years. That’s not how you do business, I can get my own work on the side and not step on anybody’s toes. I use the salary to pay my bills and invest into my WC business-- Win/Win

My friends in the business pay in the same range you are listing. They are finding out that your business is only as good as the people you have working for you. Good help is hard to find, I have witnessed many of the problems you have when you are responsible not only for YOUR business and life, but now the EMPLOYEES as well. I am clean cut, no record, own vehicle and friendly-- I thought that was no big deal until I started listening to other business owners LOL. Anytime I help them, it’s nothing less than $20 an hour due to my experience and whatnot---- I collect 3 W2s throughout the year. When my current company is out of season (in the summer), I go down to part-time for a few months (32-35 hours a week)-- that is when I work for myself or my friends so I keep busy year round. It’s not even work to me anymore, we try to always have a good laugh and work together. Couldn’t see myself doing anything else!

Reading from you guys is an added benefit, there is so much good info from all of you guys. The brains of the business are on this forum, you guys definitely know what you are talking about.


How do we clone you?


I honestly didnt realize window cleaning could be so profitable. No offense but i thought it was more of a add-on to pressure washing. Im going to stick around here for awhile and do some reading.

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It also has very low over head :wink:


You’ll make way more dollar per hour softwashing
The machine does all the work no labor.

Washed a house in Travelers Rest the the other day $450 1.5 hours


Nice i used to live in TR i live down on lake greenwood now. I have my own rig and all but im still a rookie. I work with a very experienced PWer named racer on pwra ive learned alot from him. I very interested in Window cleaning as well but wasn’t going to study it till i learned alot about PWing. But now im thinking about trying my hand at both

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Plus ∞. Except maybe if you’re in a way over saturated market. But even then, I think it’s easier to turn a profit with pw’ing.

Windows are fun, though. And they do make for a natural add-on to power washing.


We hope to change from a window cleaning company that does power washing to a power washing company that does windows in 2019.