How much extra do you charge for Storm Windows?

I’m am starting my own window cleaning bussines. What are some of the best ways to get clients?

I double my price per window as there is twice the number of panes of glass. We do lots of storms around here. I built an easel out of a 6’ step ladder. (an idea I found here on the forum). I have actually considered charging a bit more than double for the extra work involved.

I charge double plus an extra 1-2$ depending on the size, age, etc.

i take my outside price times 4…sometimes adding a little extra depending on how the storms have to be moved/taken apart.

Usually double the price of a double-hung alone.

what’s a storm window? Ha ha ha ha, sorry, I’ve only ran into one home in 10 years of window cleaning with storm windows on it. Hooray for Arizona!

In the last 7/8 years no one has hired us to clean their storms. I don’t get it :slight_smile:

I am working on a job tomorrow that has 2 sets of storms on some of the windows. One set is the traditional triple track storms and under that is another set of storms that are screwed on to the window itself. What a p.i.t.a., I was shocked that she went for the price I quoted

Just put in a bid on triple tracks yesterday. I charge down right premium prices for these. They are old wooden frames, with weird cut-ups on the upper frame. I actually have to hand wipe a few of the cut-up panes as they are about 4 inches wide.

On top of that I have to remove them and re-install. These always take time. I always run into problems with stuck windows, broken latches, etc.
This last year alone I have had at least 10 houses with triple tracks, I guess they are more common around here.

My price for about a days worth of work? $380. I’m following up on that Monday.

We usually charge 8-10 per double-hung. Storms very rarely $20, usually 25-35 per window.

Love it.

I just raised my price form 25.00 to 30.00 for double hung storm.

$25 per storm if the window is working properly. Bay windows are $30 and $40 if the storm has to come off the house in order to clean.

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