How much for workers comp in ohio?

trying to decide if i can afford to have a part time employee or not. How much can i expect to have to pay to have a part time employee, making less than 800 a month, for workers comp?

anyone know this info? i looked for online calculators, but no luck. we dont do high rise stuff, and he likely wont even use a ladder, just store front stuff.

I can’t speak for Ohio directly but I can’t imagine it’s too much different than here… my policy has a minimum payroll of $30,000 but if I were to keep at the minimum it’d only cost $1007 a year. It gets less expensive per paid dollar as it increases. You can usually get insurance financed easily, too.

Edit: Here = Indiana

Indiana?? What city?


I went through an agent here in town, as I did with all of my other policies. Didn’t have to shop around for rates.

I just looked at my policy to double check those rates.

I do my payroll through Paychex they take out the workers comp weekly

I also offer service in Indiana but in more south.


You must use the state BWC. In Ohio. Join a group like a chamber of commerce for big discounts. I pay less than $1200 a year for 2 fulltime and 2 part time. Contact BWC directly for details:

thanks for all the help, and mulchtank specifically…

i barely have enough work for me to pay all my bills as is (company is 3 weeks old), but would like to have this part time employee because we work well together (previous WC job), hes a goodfriend/roomate, and so that i can devote more time to the marketing, as well as all the early start up of the business paperwork and research that i have to do…

You ladies have it easy, California wants 20% of payroll…

I just found the Minimum/Maximum rates for sole proprietors electing coverage. $388 min. per week and alittle over $1000 max. per week. If no payroll, then you are supposed to enter your net income. Private employers with no payroll have to pay a minimum of $50 twice a year. Public employers have to pay $100 minimum annually. I am gonna talk to my accountant and get a better grip on this.

I am locataed in OHIO. You can find a local BWC office and go speak with them. Ohio’s Worker Comp is state run. When I joined 14 years ago, it cost me $10.00. Then every six months, you have to fill out a forn showing your payroll, gross pay. You are then assessed a premium based on your payroll. You can join a group which could give you a discount on your premium. For Window Cleaners, there are two codes, one for ground level and the second for off of the ground. In ohio off the ground means anything ovv of the ground, standing on the first rung of a ladder. I currently pay 3.7% for ground level and 4.7% for above. I also pay for my office help and for any sales person, supervisor. You also have to join a claim management company who handles any claims you may have. Basically, your premium is based on your gross payroll. You will get audited by the Bureau.