How much is this vehicle worth?

How much is a 2001 Honda Odyssey Grey LX minivan worth. The body is in good condition, rust proofed every year. Has A/C power locks, windows, heated mirrors, cdplayer, 207,000KM (129,000miles I think), it doesn’t have power sliding doors. 7 seats. 4 doors. 4 captains chairs, its a base model.

How much is it worth, how much should it sell for?

Check out the value at

Some listing around Detroit:

KBB values for Detroit area:

auto trader has them (not necessarily lx) listed in the Toronto area in the following range,

• 2001 with 298744 km for $5488

• 2001 with 207000 km for $8499

• 2001 with 123295 km for $12995

And a whole mix in between.

I already looked at AutoTrader. The average price there is $9995. The Ontario Government value (or Red Book?) according to the Used Vehicle Information Package is $10,000 retail.

Of course cars with high mileage would get a significantly lower price.

thanks for the info.