How Much Money Can You Make Cleaning These Solar Panels?

So yesterday I cleaned the windows for a guy who also has 136 solar panels on his roof. Each panel is 2 X 5 ft. You can clearly see them on Google Maps. They are covered in dirt, and I thought I’d offer to clean them.

I’ve never cleaned solar panels before but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. I have a subcontractor who has cleaned some solar panels, but never as many as these.

Anyway, long story short, when I told my client I could clean his solar panels he was very happy. Now he wants to set an appointment for me to clean them next week. I just need to give him an estimate for the work.

The house is three stories, and as you can see the solar panels are really close together leaving little room to maneuver. Not to mention that Pleasanton, CA is hell on earth right now - 117 degrees in the sun yesterday - so it won’t be a cool job.

So I have two questions:

  1. How much would you charge per panel? I’m thinking $5 a panel.

  2. How would you tackle this job? I’m assuming a WFP is the way to go, but I don’t have one. Do you know where I can rent one?

Any help is much appreciated.

You really need a wfp to clean those solar panels. Talk to Alex at WCR to buy a wfp and di tank. I have an account with 72 panels quartly and I charge $225.00. That’s 3.12 per panel. If you can get $5.00 that’s great but that may not last as competition may dictate a lower price. See videos below of Solar Panel Cleaning with wfp.



Hey Alexis, That looks like a great job. I’ve cleaned solar panels with water-fed pole, not an expert, but it works great. Maybe use the $ from this job to get a starter pole? Then set them up for 2-3x a year cleaning? By the way, great website. I’m way south of you near San Luis Obispo. Good luck! Be careful on that 3rd story.

Bruce Stewart
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Using a WFP at three stories is more work than at one or two stories.

I would charge about $350

I could get that done in 2 hours

Use caution cleaning the panels in that heat. Most manufactures recommend cleaning them when they are cool to prevent damage. That’s what my customers tell me anyway…

for a $120.00 bucks you can make a wfp yourself, until you make enough to buy one.

  1. buy a 24ft unger pole for about $45 at HD.
  2. a brush and fan jets from WCR.
  3. 3/8 od-1/4 id tubing about 100ft long and some 1/4 barb fittings from HD and put them all together and you got yourself a temp WFP.
    oh yeah if you have a culligans water company in your area you can rent a DI tank for about $25 a month. ive made mine just like that. Ill send some pic tomorrow.
    Hope THis helps.
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Thanks to all of you for the advice and videos. I just found out from my sub contractor that he has a WFP that we can use to clean the solar panels with :stuck_out_tongue: And he also has a DI tank and 400 ft of hose. So that makes things a little easier.

But I’m still going to consider buying a WFP myself.

By the way, I called my client and we scheduled an appointment to clean his solar panels next Thursday for $595. That’s $4.37 a panel. I didn’t get my $5 a panel, but it’s close enough :smiley:

@ Larry - What are the difficulties that I should look out for when cleaning solar panels on a 3-story house?

@ Wayne - How would the solar panels get damaged when cleaning them at high temperatures?

Find a dealer:
Water Quality Association

Everything takes a bit longer for 3-story work and above.
From the ground – movement on the ground, more vertical weight, etc.
On a roof – working and maneuvering with fall protection equipment, cleaning on a long horizontal plain, etc.

wfp is deffinatley the way to go $5 per panel i think is reasonable considering it 3 stories. I think it actually is a little low. Id go $6 per panel at three stories and invest in a wfp system

Wow, thanks for the link, Larry. This is very helpful.

What is “fall protection equipment”? “Fall” as in the season, or “fall” as in the force of gravity doing what it does best?

You should never clean the, in the heat. Going from about 160 degrees to cool water is not too good. The pricing you got for them is great and the job should come in at two hours. You should get a harness and rope for fall protection, we clean alot of solar panels and I would suggest using the Solar Panel Cleaning soap they seel here at WCR, great job getting that bid!

What a great idea. I had never thought about cleaning solar panels. Please let me know how you get on.


Where can I get a harness and rope? And how do I set it up?

I think harnesses are sold on J **********s site, also at lowes or Home depot in the roofing section. You can tie off to anchors. The job will not be worth a cat turd if you falll off a roof, safety always first