How much more to charge for a construction clean-up?

We just did a construction clean-up today and I charged approximately 57% more than I normally would for a regular job. Basically I got burned on the amount of time I thought it would take. My question is, how much do you mark-up your price when it comes to a construction cleaning? Thanks

We charge 2 to 3 times more depending on the condition of the windows and frames.

Same here, at least 50% more than usual

When you are pricing CCU, you really have to throw your regular price out , and walk the site, figuring out roughly how long each window or room or floor will take depending on the situation, Some windows on CCU can take only a little longer than regular cleaning and some can take 10 times longer. Generally if the windows on one part of a site were not protected very well then the rest of the site will be similar, But you do get situations where you have a good painter and a bad painter, good plasterer/ bad plasterer, same with any other trade that gets crap on windows. You also have to factor in the ground conditions, will you be working on a nice level lawn or driveway, or will it be bits of construction stuff everywhere. Will you be the last person there or will you be surrounded by other trades rushing to finish up.Painted french pane windows can be a nightmare CCU if the painter did not do his job well. All in all, walk the site, take notes, write down times( be optimistic or pessimistic depending whether you think you want the job or not) then price it out at whatever rate you wish to achieve and then double it

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2.5-3 times regular price for existing customers (I.e. expansion). Up to 5 x for contractors…but we don’t pursue that.

I went with Tonys advice & charged that on my first. Worked out very well.

Hey Pat…

Great post…sound like your pretty, pretty, pretty, well rounded in your take here !

Doug…3x’s your regular price…Lots of good advice here for you ! Good luck !


I always looked for the painters and dry wall folks, as you get years of ccu under your belt the subs will help price jobs. I follow subs that are so neat and professionals that understand us window guys and gals follow them. Then of course the pigs. Jot down names and rate them, even if not for your pricing, but knowing who been there. Allow more time following the pig lol.

Does it include the frames? Are the frames full of paint and concrete? What about the weather stripping?
Are there stains in the glass that may not wash off easily? Are there stains that will not wash off at all?
What will the customer expect? Pricing a construction cleanup is not always easy.

Thanks for all the advise, this was very helpful. To answer the last question, when we cleaned these windows, we cleaned everything; all around the frame, in the sill and even the tracks. Next time I do a construction clean, that is so detailed, I will think twice.

As a rule of thumb, 4X the rgular price.

I add for frames, the time, the amount of crap on the glass, if I have to wear goggles or a hard hat, if i have to wait more than 30 days to get paid, if i have to work in the evening or weekend, so somewhere around 4 to 5x normal rate.

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