How much pole hose on your reel

Just switching to a van mounted system rather than carrying tanks and stuff to the property.
I am currently running 300 ft of supply and pole hose but would like to know what the maximum you guys use.
I am running a 12 v sureflow pump and have a spare in line should the first fail.
Have tried running both together and still get 3 lts per minute at 500 ft.
Some jobs will require about 800 ft of hose out.

I am currently hand balling air hose as a supply line but need some advice on decent hose reels. in an ideal world i would like 3 hose reels each with 300 ft of supply hose.

Heard good stuff about this but shipping is a killer.

Any advice would be appreciated.


300 ft.

450 of air hose connected down to 50 ft of Rhino Tube.

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100 ft 3/8’s and 200 ft 5/16…I think it is 5/16.

100 ft yellow air hose and 200 ft black tubing…There!

Get a set of cox stackable hose reels mounted in your van


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Ya . When I first got into PW. I bought the reels I bought the Surface cleaner.
My Brother In-law who works as a house painter for a big 10 truck outfit of course they do PW. Well … He was mocking me for buying reels an a suffice cleaner. " Mike you don’t need all this stuff your wasting your money how lazy can you be". " Joey I’m yelling ya this is the way to go you have to work smart not hard ".
" your telling me I’ve been doing this for 25 years your a new jack ". :).

Oh man that led to big arguments .

My wife was begging to stop with him . I was like you better tell him to stop with me lol.
Na I love my brother in law , but he is one of those guys that just can’t admit there is a better way.

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I like this set up right now most of my stuff is in a large box and ladders pole and other big stuff is stacked in the back

I have used many different hose lengths and reels over the years. My favorite is the one we use now mostly because of the efficiency. I have 2 handheld extension cord reels from HD. Each has 150 feet of 5/16 hose in 2 sections with push fittings. Super light and easy to roll up and takes very little space in the truck. In the winter we can keep them in the heated cab between jobs.

I am curious of added benefit with using air hose. Currently using Rhino tube only. Is less snagging a benefit? Thank you for feedback and much success.

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