How much tap water does it take to produce a gallon of pure water?

I’m looking at the 3 star system from RHG and wonder how much water going into a pure water system, ezpure, etc does it take to produce a gallon of pure water? Is there some ratio? Say 4 gallons of untreated water produces 1 gallon of pure water, with the waste going on the customer’s lawn?

Our systems typically make 1 gallon of pure water and 1 gallon of bypass. You can’t get much better than that and expect an RO membrane to last very long.

Do you ever get complaints from customers about the waste and amount of water used to do the windows? I would think say a 20 window home, about 45 minutes to do it depending on how dirty and experence level…1.5 gallons per minute out of the RO with a pump would be 3 gallons total so about 130 gallons of water…ball park…

No, but I’m not out there cleaning windows anymore.

Most of our customers tell us that the home owners do not seem to have a problem with it.

A pressure washer for example uses 3 or 4 times this amount of water in the same given time frame.