How much to charge for a 2 story 10,000Sq ft home with 68 windows in and out?

Perhaps a blind architect? The ratio # of windows to square footage doesn’t add up

will rarely ever come to fruition

I’m new to window cleaning. How much do most of you charge per window?

By reading through this thread alone, you should get some idea of what many experienced window cleaners charge for residential.

Here is my absolute perfect genius conclusion… After consulting with the guy who trained me who now has four employees and the largest accounts in the county. He has been doing windows High rise in columbus and now here for 20 years almost he said we just can’t charge what all yall are charging and thats pretty much what I thought. I’m happy with 500 dollars a day even though I would rather make 8-900 I just can’t in southern Utah. Don’t believe this absolute genius conclusion just try to come here and prove me wrong. You might get a few accounts but not enough to work full time. If you can your better than me and deserve my Vital organs in case you ever need a transplant.

God damn are you giving your work away… I would be $950 inside and out, $15 per blind (any size) and $5, $10 per screen for the screen magic depending whether they are half screens or full size, wiping them down only is free.

Obviously there are different prices that are commanded in different parts of the country. Bottom line, if you are happy with what you are getting and other cleaners in your area are similar, then don’t sweat it. It’s your business. You mentioned your high rise teacher. He may be right when talking about high rise and commercial, but even here in somewhat rural Idaho, there are different prices for commercial and residential. I have learned to take the information given on this and any forum for what it’s worth. I then apply it to my situation with whatever modifications I feel are needed. Just keep doing what you are doing. Hang in there.

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thanks for all your comments I feel that I’m getting a good price for my work even though If I were in other parts of the country doing residential I could charge a lot more because I feel I do have a high quality work ethic. I will try to raise my prices a little bit and see what happens.

Geographically market areas are going to bear differently. “the highest price you can sell your goods at in the market you are in”. You need to know what your competition is selling their products at in order to get a guideline. Here in Western PA we cannot charge as much per window as our peers on the East Coast or West Coast. I sometimes cringe when I read the advice or comparable pricing given to members who do business in an area we may not be familiar with.

I like how your services are ala carte, screens, tracks etc…You may be surprised to know that we charge a screen handling fee.

Aren’t most of the people on this forum from cali? Everything from there is is 10x more. Every region has different prices so if you think it’s a good price then it’s a good price

I did a 9000 sqft home last week,and had em write me a nice 1,300.00 check but there were more than 68 windows

How many windows and did you clean… and did you include any other services that you charge extra for?

I too, would say at least 600-850 for what you described.
No less, and that’s doing it alone.

Post some pictures of this 10k sq ft house, sure some of us would like to see it.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures. We are going to go clean the house on friday and I could take pictures then. It took me 8 hours exactly by myself. I charged $540.00 and I did windows screens tracks blind dusting. 68 windows 40 blinds/shutters, 30 tracks some dh others side by side, and 30 screens.

There were some 90 windows,inside and out,no extra stuff

so about 13 dollars a window no screens no hard water removal no oxidation removal no tracks no only windows and wiping frames for 13 dollars a window? If i get 5 dollars a window I’m doing great where I am from. I just raised my prices to 5 dollars a window in and out and im expensive around here.

Those 90 windows comes out to about $7 per side (in/out). I would get between $4 & $5 per side and charge extra for French panes. Sometimes it is educating the customers about the value of window cleaning and what determines the costs that it does. Anybody can wet it, wipe it, dry it and go to the next one. To clean it really well and detail it (especially tough first cleans) is what they should be paying for.

Depending on where in southern Utah your at,there should be some nice million dollar homes down by the lake,plus lots of second home cabins,I would think you could get more than 2.50 per side. I don’t know what your advertising looks like,it’s all about perception that the customer is getting a good deal

Noblegoerge, when you say “I sometimes cringe when I read the advice or comparable pricing given to members who do business in an area we may not be familiar with.” Do you mean because it’s sometimes seems high or too low… I read both, and understand why because supply and demand are in full effect, just wondering what your take is… why you cringe sometimes at various numbers given here?