How much to charge for a 2 story 10,000Sq ft home with 68 windows in and out?

This is a very huge business opportunity she own several hotels and businesses and houses in the area and I already service several of them. She doesn’t mind paying the right price for good work. I think I may have underbid it. I told her I would do the 68 windows in and out for $290 the 30 screens brushed and wiped for $60 the 40 blinds dusted for $120 So thats right 68 windows 30 screens brushed and 40 blinds dusted for 460. and I still haven’t included the tracks she wants vacuumed and the ceiling fans dusted I charge $2/ceiling fan and 2$/track she has central vac.

That does seem low.

We have an outside only job with 60 windows on Saturday. We are charging $350.

at those specs $750+

seems like a dark house, or narrow, most would have more like 100 windows

10k sft many times would be 1,000 - 1,350 depending on architectural styles, window style and complexity of access


Depends what kinda windows they are… DH I would be around $620-680 in/out depending on difficulty, plus detailing, . Casement windows around $340 in/out again depending on difficulty, and anywhere in between for mixed windows that= the 68 windows. Hard to give a price without know what style windows they are. I would agree with you about under biding.

At least double your price of $460.

Does that include screens?

Very easy to get to all windows and mostly one pane per window so about 75-80 panes inside plus the same amount outside as well. I can do it in 8 hours if I hurry and I will most likely up the price to 500 if I run through with her central vacuum it should take me 30-40 minutes to vacuum out the tracks. Its a colonial style home.

Mostly I counted each pane as a window because most of the windows are single paned or seperated by frame so I count one window with multiple panes seperated by frame as separate windows.

[QUOTE=JACKINAUSTIN;193791]At least double your price of $460.[/QUOTE

I dont think I can charge $920 by myself for an 8 hour day in southern utah I’m sure I can do it all in one day. Most I could charge is $600 or $650 including tracks and So I think I underbid it by about $100-150 because I will raise it to 500 when I go to do it I will tell her I’m gonna charge more for the tracks.

She is also Going to pretty much be paying my mortgage when Its all said and done with the amount of work I will get from her every month so maybe that justifies the underbidding to a degree?

If I had a nickel for every time a customer promised me referrals for a discounted price…


I wouldn’t touch something that size for that price.

Yes but only 5 windows have screens.

NO man she herself pays me thousands and were just getting started. But I’m sure to be skeptical from now on thanks for the forewarning.

Well how much would you “touch” it for.

if it’s me I will charge $520 for all windows and screens .

Not much justifies underbidding. You’re in business to make a living. Each side of the window should be closer to the $4.00 range. You’re getting $2.00 just to brush and wipe the screens, but when it comes to washing the windows and frames (more work) you only get $2 + some change? I don’t mean to tell your business man, but there should be more value to your work.

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I have a very similar job tomorrow. Just the windows in/out = about $800

have fun:( The windows alone 600-700

Yep. I just raised my prices. The old price $544 for windows alone, the new price $680. Then ceiling fans I think have a going rate of $5 each. I haven’t had the opportunity to get some as most house cleaners do them already.