How much to charge staples in and out

Top picture is exterior the rest are taken from the inside

D0 you have a Commercial Rate?

I always try to get $60 an hour but I don’t know how long this will take me

Bidding jobs is still hard for me because if you’re going to use an hourly rate you better know how long jobs will take you and if you charge by the window that doesn’t take into account all of the pain in the ass things that add time

How many pieces of glass are there? What’s your normal rate per pane?

Charge more for the inside because those carts are a pain and the hanging signs will probably fall on you so might be better off with a step ladder on those.

Make yourself a Factor Sheet. For reference next time put down how long it took to do.

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Not sure how to use those, typically what I do is I look at how many minutes I think each window will take me and I charge a dollar a minute. So I have a clipboard with just a blank piece of paper and I write down five for five minutes ten twelve etc. Then when I’m all done I guess how much time I think I’ll spend packing around a ladder, and the bs stuff and will add a dollar a minute.

Didn’t count the panes was just going off uploading the pics to get a general estimate on here, so I don’t really know how to do the per pane thing. Because you have tall windows that I’ll have to pull versus the little glass panes that I can do a quick fan on you have ones ground-level ones on the ladder so I don’t know how the per pane thing takes into consideration different sizes and access.

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Factor 1.0 = $5 x 1.0 = $5
Factor 1.5 = $5 x 1.5 = $7.50
Factor in moving minor = $5 x .5 = $2.50

It is a general guideline that you don’t show your customer but use to help price your job. But you must have a base price to work with. It doesn’t work on square footage pricing or time estimate. I find per pane price works good for me and comes in close to my target per hour goal. Depending on the job that can range from occasionally $50 per hour and up to $125 per hour. That range covers my cost to do business and try to eek out a living.

So every surface inside is $5? Each screen is $7.50 I’m confused?

My recommendation make life easy: count the panes and multiply by a number.

Usually $1.5 to $2 per pane. I count the panes, multiply by 2 and that’s my number. At $2 per pane, I usually average around $75 per hour. My old number was 1.5 which came out to around 60.

Then add some $$ for the carts and posters and stuff. I’d probably add $20 or so depending.

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$5 is a base number that you decide on that works for you. It might be $5, it might $4, it might even be $6. Screens $7.50??

Who are you giving the price too ? Maintance company ? NSP?
Another window cleaner ?

Do you have any other stores in the area ?

If not do you plan on growing there ?

Doesn’t matter. Everyone is different. For storefront and commercial, I charge pretty much the same for big glass as smaller glass. If you start counting panes then you’ll start to get a feel for how long each sort of job will take.

I count 36ish panes in your pictures, so I’d probably charge $70-75 and it would take me about an hour. But with carts and posters and stuff, I’d probably add another $25 to the job just so I have a nice round number AND it’ll probably add another 20-30 minutes to work around all that stuff.

So I figure, for me, 1.5 hours to do the job and I’d probably charge them $100.


And I’m right with Jared., but if the job isn’t in my working area. I would charge a little more.

With me it depends on were the job is located also. I’m not driving off the beaten path for the same price I get for my other work. Needs to be with in a certain distance to me, and if it’s a mom an pops i just tell them I don’t do work in that area. Staples 120.00 sure enough I’ll drive half an hour out of my way not an hour though

Don’t complicate things when your are trying to price things. First figure how long you think it would take with nothing in the way.
Them count up the glass how ever you want. Price it both ways
Them look at the PIA
Put it all together an throw your number at them if you get it you get it no worries. If you have room to bargain then see if it’s a price issue. With with them. You could always raise it done the road then if they don’t like it it goes from there

Your going to underbid jobs your going to over bid jobs these the way it goes for mewbies. Heck I’m still messing up an under budding things, but more over bidding them under :laughing:

This is why I don’t tell people ya I get $10 a window or I get $4 a pane.unless absolutely necessary Or put that any where near my website. This isn’t a cookie cutter business imho

Go to Sleepys an price out a Mattress. Them go to anther store an try an comparing shop it

Good luck !!!

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Also if you get that job once you get that on a Maintance cleaning schedule use Unger indoor cleaning pads , an spray way on those doors.

I have a supermarket with doors like that. Works great an faster, an in good with a squeegee

Oh, that’s the other thing: staples probably won’t get you on a maintenance schedule. So this will be a one time clean until the next time they have a big visit.

So, I might add another $25 on top of my regular price. My prices are based on maintenance. $2 per window if I clean it every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. I add more if it’s going to be a one time deal.

But if you’re just starting out, price it regular and get the experience and money.

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