How much to charge?

Is the $1.50 for upper and lower window the correct price?

As in the three large windows coming out to $4.50 and I would charge another $1.50 for the door set.

Of course I wouldn’t go that low as I have a minimum.

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If there are 2 stacked panes like that I usually go with $3 per vertical set on one side, and I round the total up to the nearest 5. With that formula I’d arrive at $12 for outside only and round up to $15, and $24 for in and out that I would round up to $25.


So is it something like this?

$3 a section rounded to $15?

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Exactly. That’s about average for my market

See I was doing this but my minimum is $12 and I would double to $24 for both sides.

That is how I would do it too, but I would round to $25.

I count 8 panes. $36 ex only $61.20 interior and exterior. Then discount it after first clean depending on how often they get them done sonewhere between 10-20% less on a maintenance plan.

$36? Where are you based out of? You gotta be making some nice cash.


First cleaning requires a lot more scrubbing, like in pest control an initial can be almost 80 dollars more due to work load

That’s sounds about right for most of the guys on this forum. Some get more some less


I would charge $20 (our min) in/out for a stop of that size. Every 2 weeks or every 28 days. No discount.


Damn i wish we could get those type of prices around here.


Canadian dollars…


No one would ever pay that in American Dollars for that little work. That’s a dream.

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