How much to pay for customer list


I’m just getting started in the business and a friend of mine is going to give me some pointers and sell me his list of customers. He’s been doing it for 15 or 20 years so he should have good accounts by now. How much should I expect to pay for every $100 of potential monthly income?


resi or route? if route then about 33% of yearly gross max. Residential is a little trickier because there is a bigger risk that they wont stay with you.

Also, look at the pricing. If its not profitable it ain’t worth crap!

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Have him tell u a price. He is the one selling it.

There is no wrong or right answer to how much it’s worth except that it makes you money and fits your plans.

Window cleaning doesn’t really have a selling standard.

As far as risk is concerned, you need to know so many things about his business it’s not even funny. How frequent is every client serviced? How long has each been using him? Are his prices bad? And so much more.

You could probably scare up a hundred bucks a month yourself in a day without paying a penny for it

If you could get him to let you work alongside him for a month or two at an agreed upon wage for you that would give you insight into his work situation that could prove very valuable to your decision.

Yep 33% yearly gross is what I have always bought at.
As long as his prices are close to yours and his customers are happy go for it!

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Thanks for the comments and recommendations guys. I’ve thought about the many aspects and possibilities of the business and getting into it. I’m really just looking for opinions on the narrow topic of what you would pay for solid, reliable accounts if you were to do something like that. Just pretend that every window in a hundred miles has someone washing it already and you are looking to buy their accounts. What would you pay for them? Thanks again folks.

No residential. 33% sounds like it would be worth it if he’s been supporting himself off of them. Thanks.