How much traffic?

I’m curious how many hits y’all are getting on your websites per day? During both busy and slow seasons

In the last 30 days I had 75 visits or 2.5 avg/day. I’m in a small market I would say. 3 days-7/21, 8/12, 8/16 I had 0 visits and this past Thursday the 18th I had 6.

anyone else track their web visits and could weigh in? I’d be really curious to know what the ACWC site pulls

I had 2 site visits this week, and maybe 2 this whole month. My online ad had 61 this month.

This time of year we avg 20 hits per day. Winter maybe 3 a week. Around 15% of our business comes from the internet. Once our new site is up that should increase.

I’ve had 293 over the last 30 days. I’m San Antonio, so pretty big market. I have a “B” maps listing. I’m expecting to get a lot more web traffic in come Oct/Nov/Dec

i get about 10 per day. what gets me is that i get a lot of hits from a town that i never go to ,its about 2 hours from me . im thinking its the same person and its a mystery . sometimes theres 20 hits/40 hits or more in 1 day from that town

For me, 8-10 per week. And sometimes that is to much.

Looks like we get about 10 per day. I just signed up with to have them help with my SEO rankings, so that ought to help tremendously. Check us out at Clearview Windows Incorporated : A Colorado Springs Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning Business

On one of my websites I had about 2325 in a 28 day period, but what you should really be concerned with is the conversions. How many take action after viewing your website.

How are you generating that many views? I have a good ranking, there must be more to it than that. I font have conversion numbers, but I’ve gotten several jobs from my site


There is a lot more to it. Each page you think is important can drive traffic through various sources.

Could you expound on that please? I’m not quite following

Create an seo campaign for each page.

I average 70 visits per day. Roughly 50 are uniques (new users). Out of those uniques only 10 to 15 are from my service area. That’s in season. Out of those 70 I see about 10 of you guys coming to look over my over my site. lol. You bastards lol. Off season I get about 20 or so per day. I don’t really check off season that much. Maybe once per month.

This topic is timely… Groupon featured me today and I used to think 120 visits was a great day… but check this out!

Yeah that’s right… almost 1,000 views… Makes everything else look tiny. :slight_smile: Definitely not the norm!

It would be interesting to track that over the next month…

Of course I will, but my suspicion is that once the deal is over traffic will go back to about 100 unique visitors a day. Wouldn’t it be cool if I am wrong and it stays elevated? I can’t think of why it would though…

Perhaps they will seek additional offers from you…

Perhaps… and that would be a nice bonus. My gut feeling on this is out of sight, out of mind. Groupon customers are looking for a deal and moving on. On the upside: I have collected over 350 new names, phone numbers, addresses & email addresses to market future deals to. That is a sizable addition to our marketing list… and the ability to run a new “Groupon” style extension to the deal (without having to give a cut to Groupon!)