How much you guys charge for HARD WATER REMOVAL


Welcome. Depending on the type and severity of the stain an average size pane (roughly 2’x4’) could run from $10 to $30 for us.

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We charge about the same as Tony. Minimum is usually $20.00 if we use any hard water chemicals. Depends on how much work is involved.

5-10 but i just acid wash with scrub pad

Welcome and agreed with Tony.

Dont be afraid to do a little test area before you price it sometimes stains can be worse than they look. We have a # of stain removal chemicals in stock if you need them.

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Let me see if I understand what you guys are talking about.

If I call you up to remove hard water stains from my shower doors, you will charge $10-$30 for the service?

Plus you have to carry different types of cleansers from mechanical to chemical to a combination of both. Can you go into more detail?

If you called me to just clean your shower thank you’d get my minimum rate, otherwise, during a window cleaning Id tell you between 59-99. An exterior hard water stain on a normal pane goes between 10-20.

between 10-20 what? Is that per door on a slider/french or per pane on a window or something else?

I am considering getting into the scratch/hard water removal business and I’m trying to figure out if it will be profitable enough to meet my needs. If you (or anyone) wants to talk offline you can call or PM me to go into more detail.

Thanks for your help

Jim, most guys have a minimum to just show up on site. If the hard water stain removal is on a double hung, which is common, you would start with something like 0000 steel wool and move up from there. The principle is to start with the least aggressive and move to the more caustic as required. The type of glass and where it is located dictatates what options are available. It is rare to get a call simply for hard water stain removal. Every window cleaner can address hard water stains. This is generally done in the normal maintance and cleaning process and is considered an add on. We charge aanywhere from nothing to about $10 for your average exterior pane. I have only addressed interior staining rarely and that was because of odd situations. What cannot be addressed by the average window cleaner on the street is scratch removal. I don’t know scratch removal pricing. I know work we have done for a residential customer was surprisingly cheap, $300. This was for two very large panes with chemical burns and scratches. The panes were 16’ off the ground and went to 30’ and about 5’ wide.

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depending on severity, size, & accessibility, $2 to $10 per square foot with a $75 minimum.

Thanks Jared and Brian

Which acids?