How often do you clean up at home?

Just an off-topic question but how often do you clean up at your own home and what do you clean?

My situation is right now annoying, as my grandma doesnt clean up much at all and i have a full time apprenticeship as cleaner going (First exam may be less than 4 weeks away). Next to other things like dentist appointments and other things.

I just did the bathroom and my room but not really a deep cleanup at all, just the most important stuff, the floor and the most used objects.

The entire house needs a clean but its hard to find time and nervs for it. Mainly the kitchen is bad…

There’s nothing worse than a lazy grandmother. Tell her to get down there and clean your basement apartment or you’re going to call the scared straight program!

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I quit cleaning the home because my wife is not a good client and she also lets the dishes pile up when she’s out of town,


Theres no basement apartment, theres an upstairs room instead.

And shes in the wheelchair mainly as well.

Tell her to stop doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

Only kidding of course