How often do you dunk scrubber in bucket?

Pretty random question but… Recently did a residential job and realized I had lots of trail lines from fanning on some windows. The windows were pretty dirty, probably weren’t done for awhile (bugs, leaves, paint specks) but windows themselves were relatively new (glass was smooth). Also some of the windows were in the very beginning so I know my water was clean, also rubber didn’t seem to be streaking and was pretty new.

So now whats left… Im wondering if my problem was I am not dunking my scrubber in the bucket enough so it was dirty? I have been trying the soap directly on scrubber method. Do you guys usually do multiple windows and then dunk to clean off scrubber? Obviously this depends on the window but as a general rule what do you do? Thanks!

Sounds like too much soap. The only time I’d put soap directly on the scrubber was if I was doing a BBQ joint.

Try using a squirt bottle and for residential go easy on the soap unless it’s a smokers house and the water comes off yellow.

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Or worse, brown. Like cleaning out an old ashtray…

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Interesting… I’ve seen many people on here use the soap directly on scrubber method. I’ll try less soap and see what happens.

Just curious tho how often are you guys rinsing/dunking your scrubber in your bucket? Just looking for a rough idea so I can eliminate that off the possible causes. Thanks!

What if some of us don’t use buckets… hmmm?


I get a dunk whenever my washer isn’t as wet as I need it… is this a real question?

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What are you trying to eliminate? It’s sort of like asking “how often do you take a shower?” If you’re inside working on a computer maybe once a day or every other day. If you’re outside working with dust flying and filth, then maybe twice a day. Use the bucket to get more water and clean the dirt/cobwebs/junk off your scrubber. You’re trying to analyze something that doesn’t need analyzing.

If the window isn’t wet when you scrub it, then you need more water. If water is splashing everywhere then you need less water.

Soap is a way more tricky subject because it depends on what you’re cleaning and the conditions around you. On hot glass and direct sun too much soap will drive you nuts. On greasy windows, too little soap won’t cut it. Get a squirt bottle and play around with the amount of soap you put in it. Start with a tiny squirt and adjust as necessary. It’s way easier to fine tune soap in a squirt bottle than in a bucket.

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If the windows are really dirty you’ll most always have to clean again. First Cleaning will get the bulk off, no need to worry about trail lines. You’ll get those off with the second wash. I’ve been using my power washer a lot on really dirty windows. Give it a quick soft wash no soap just water, then WFP ,or Trad .
Real dirty is subjective, so my real dirty might not be Someone else’s .
This is why eyes on the glass is kind of important before pricing. Sometimes more work is required to get windows to an acceptable cleaning.
But pricing jobs using Google earth saves time so it it’s what it is. Soft wash or even a second time with strip washer and squeegee isn’t to time consuming.
If you’re just using your strip washer to clean really dirty windows. Make sure it’s really wet on first clean. I’m not saying you always need to re-clean again. What I’m saying is if they’re really dirty more than likely you will, which takes 20 seconds

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I actually try to not dunk my applicator in the bucket , as this allows my water to stay clean longer and can last me longer .
I use the squirt bottle method , fill up my BOAB using the bottle to do outsides and use my squirt bottle to do insides . If my applicator gets really dirty then I will look for a hose and hose it down.

Just and FYI , my squirt bottle is filled up with the solution from my bucket . Sounds like your applying direct soap on your applicator ?

I have had some exteriors that were so dirty, and bug dirt, from neglect that I just put the hose nozzle on stream and go around and hose off every window. then go back and either scrubber and squeegee or WFP, whatever the job calls for, but getting that initial build up of loaded on dirt makes the actual cleaning easier. Inside should be enough to get the window wet as a wet window is easier to squeegee than a semi-wet window. I always put down large bath towels so not to splash cleaning solution on peoples interiors and furniture.


I did this with Dawn for years, had lots of lines and things, it dried really fast. I have switched to glidiator which you can buy on here. Yes it’s way pricey compared to dawn, but it’s so worth it. Doesn’t dry as fast or leave as much residue, windows stay cleaner longer, and a solid squirt or two suds up plenty until the water is gone. Never going back to Dawn.

The solution in the bottle has been a game changer for me. I haven’t taken it to this extreme, but you know, I just might, you make really good points!

Yes sir, big time saver. I only use buckets on big commercial now.