How quickly could you start a new business in a new city?

If you had to relocate to a new state and start a window cleaning business all over again in a new city, how long would it take you to have a full time route/income? Lets say 75k annually. Obviously theres a lot of factors like the size of the city and if its a saturated market etc but give me your estimated time frames.

75k take home? I’d say anywhere from 1-5 years.

Im asking how long it would take you. Not me. With only the details i provided.

75k profit and solo?

3-5 years.


2-3 years

Knowing what I know now, a year.


What would you focus on most in order to get there in a year? Online presence?

Sorry bro, did not mean any harm. Just felt the questions were vague, that’s all. Usually more info we have, the more help you can receive.wish you the best.

Ya its intentionally vague.

It’s kind of like asking “how long would it take someone to get to 1 million subscribers on YouTube?”

Some people hit it right off. Others will struggle for years. Many more will never get there.

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Ya. Im not asking how long it would take me or random people. Im asking you guys individually. How long would it take you based off your experience and skill set? This post isnt complicated guys. I promise.

Heavy on eddm and google reviews; 1-2 years would be a safe bet. Knowing what I know now, is basically just: I don’t have to wonder or guess if the time and money investment will pay off; it absolutely will. There’s money to be made in windows, the harder you push the faster you’ll succeed.

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Good stuff. Thx for your reply.

You use eddm on residential only or do you send them to businesses as well? Ive only used them on residentials in the past.

Whats your roi on eddm? How many customers do you land per 1k mailers?

I somewhat just did this. Took me 2.5 might as well say 3 years to get over 75k. It could’ve happened faster and I was crippled by fear for 1-1.5 of those years. If it ever happens again I’ll know that fear cannot stop me. The size and saturation play a huge roll. Also whether or not if there’s money floating around the area you’re moving to. Any decent size city there will be a market. Anything less then a city could be tricky depending on the market.


Location is a big factor. Some areas don’t have disposable income other areas may have. An affluent region would take less time than a somewhat depressed region. Also, a smaller population area would have a limit where a larger population would be “easier”. Not everyone buys window cleaning services like they do car repair and groceries. In other words, it isn’t as much a necessity, so you have to balance a marketing-pricing-value-need dance.

Ya i understand that.

I’m in the SAME state and its proving more difficult than I imagined. Have not had a single job here on my own and its been 2 years already.

What are you talking about.