How’s everyone’s September?

:slight_smile: title says it all… we’ve had it pretty slow. A few people ask for quotes but never got back to us even upon follow up, one lady booked power washing for summer 2020 and all existing clients want to wait for Fall. It may be time to go door to door the old fashioned way…


There is a lot of work at this moment in my country - but some human factors are holding us away from it.

Stupid human factors!

Y’all know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Pretty slow this September and last one too, Sept. 2017 was great!
Not sure how to read the economy but customers absolutely do!
That said half of next week is filled and almost all of the last week of Sept.

I just returned from 7 days on a Mediterranean beach so my September is going just fine. Scheduling is a little slow except for my storefront stuff - that’s nice and steady. But the summer was mad and October will be busy as well, so the break for a month is nice.


Up here we’re still pretty steady, about two weeks out and consistent calls coming in.
Interestingly I’ve had a rush on EDDM customers who’ve held my spring mailing until now, and as soon as the trees started turning it’s full steam ahead. Snow starts in October here though, so I think it’ll be the last ‘rush’ before the deep freeze.

I like gutter cleaning in the Autumn. One of my customers has carrots up there. I had this fantasy on making a hanging garden situation from gutters.

This is how I plan to survive the zombies - I can move from roof to roof using bungee straps to attach to chimneys at night. All the drinking water and some packets of seeds are all you need.

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Funny, I had two calls from door hangers dropped a few months back; booked them both.

Ugh :expressionless: so I don’t know then. We’ve had like 2 residential costumers this month. Last month was slow too but slightly better. We are giving out maybe 4-5 quotes a week but it goes nowhere… I’m not sure if these people found someone cheaper or they weren’t really serious about their window cleaning/gutter cleaning needs… do you offer any discounts during slow months?

Food needs to be on the table and bills need to be paid. Hard to say exactly why some decide not to give the go ahead and others say “When can you do it” other than it is a numbers game. Need to get in front of more people. Part of the reason why keeping prices so low even trailer parks are calling you is you can’t really live off of that.
Could try a follow up call to folks and ask see if they are ready - if they aren’t ask what it would take to schedule today. Maybe their budget and your price isn’t too far off and you can meet somewhere price wise that works for both of you. You only need to do that when business is in the tank, but if you need to sell something, that might be a way?


I found this kind of interesting:

In truth, I already knew this, but it is articulated well.
The cliff notes are, don’t stop advertising because the marketing pieces you place today will become the leads of tomorrow and up to 60 days. (Or in some cases several months.)

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I’m always busy in September, lots of residential fall cleans and I’m usually pretty busy into middle of October. I never count November out, if it doesn’t snow much then I’ll get some calls.

September and August are ALWAYS the best and busiest times of year for me.
Mine started out ok, but oddly enough…so far nothing special.

WOW :dizzy_face: teach me your ways. Where we are the leaves don’t fall until October…

Yeah I really took this to heart. We do some marketing but def have room for improvements…

Man, you have a good long season then, nice! We’re in the Keweenaw peninsula of Michigan, shorter season that most. (But, we do still push through with alcohol in the water for a month or so after the snow starts. When we hit single digits and walking on snow shoes to reach the back of houses, it’s all over.)