How should I keep water from freezing in my WFP tank?

Hey guys, just wondering what I can do to keep my water from freezing in my 65gallon water tank? I looked at trough heaters but would have to plug in at night. Are they’re any additives I can add to it? Thank you!

In my opinion I would go with the plug in for heating the water (more cost effective)… you just have to keep the water a few degrees above freezing.

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What temps do you get there?

Single digits but in the teens most the time during winter.

Which kind do you recommend? I’ve found fish tank heaters that are like probes and then trough heaters that float, sink, or thread into the valve port.

I’d be worried about the fittings.

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Hey Rocky I’ll post a link for you in the morning.

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Ok thank you!

I thought about that @JaredAI , heat tape came to mind, and thought about wrapping tank with heat tape also.


Is this for winter storage or are you using it during warm ups?

Hey Rocky you can wrap your tank with moving blankets or silver backed installation sheets (HD) after you install the immersion heater, just make the what ever you wrap it in is no where near the heater inlet or wires to reduce the risk if fire.

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Hey Rocky what you need is an immersion heater for your tank it will keep the water just above freezing. You can pick one up on eBay for around $40. You need to mount in the side of the tank.
Here is a video from Mark to show how to install it.
If you have any questions let me know.


Awesome thank you @wcs.

I’ll be using it daily, and to store water over night. Don’t want to fill it with pure water then have to dump leftovers at night.