How should I remind customers to schedule?

Hi all!
This is my second year in the window business and I’m wanting to contact all my residentials from last year to schedule for this year. What do you recommend I say?

send email, voice drop, send a letter, make a phone, just do it.

each has it’s own advantage/disadvantage. if you start at the beginning and eliminate those who have replied you reduce your cost

email cheap easy to track and for them to repond to - if they see it
voice drop low cost most will here it
snail mail they will see it, resonable cost
phone call - direct contact if you’re it’s just your time if your list gets large it gets pricier

I do a postcard reminder that I designed, every six months until I feel like that’s enough.
The card tells them the date of their last cleaning and asks them if it’s time to do it again.

I only take repeat customers so I always leave a job with a job. However it took me about 6 years to get to a point where if I turn down a customer that only wants a clean one time I can still stay afloat with my repeats. Now everyone that calls me knows there on repeat if they want me. It’s not a contract but an agreement on frequency.


Hey this is a great question. Because my customer base is very small and mostly older , I do phone follow ups.

The latest wcr nation podcast has some great tips around this topic. Stream episode Tips for Current Customers | WCR Nation EP 248 | A Window Cleaning Podcast by WindowCleaner podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

@Denver13 your must book two services is brilliant. I’m excited to try it once my business is more stable.

I carry an iPad with me and at the end if the job I schedule the next cleaning. This has greatly increased repeat business.

Minimum every 6 months. How I explain it to people is hey I’m an owner-operated business and I found what makes me and my customers happier is if I service the same few hundred people on a reoccurring basis instead of trying to service everybody with employees that come and go. Nobody wants to hear a contract or you have to sign up or commitment It’s just hey I want relationships in my business and people view it as a good thing. Like oh this guy wants to be committed to me and I’m one of select hundreds of people as opposed to sign here at the bottom and there’s a $65 cancellation blah blah blah