How to build route work

This I want to know. I’m trying to build a residential base, but want tocompete w/ routers too.

Is there a question in there?

no entendo

Thread name is “How to build route work”

I believe this is the question.

Lino, tons of threads have been discussed on this very question. Try doing a search, and you’ll find lots of juicy suggestions.

Quick answer: [I]Persistence + Friendly + Professional[/I]

The ques. is infered in the 1st quest. otherwise put…Please tell me how to???
Thank you LinO

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Sorry for the bad attempt at asking how to? Just tried to shorten it up a bit. Any sugg. on building comm. route work?

there’s no money in commercial…don’t do it

Hit the streets every day, be persistent. Walk in and ask for the job, talk to the decision maker. Try to build a solid route. I have found the best ones to be circle shaped. You leave the house in the morning and work your way back. think as little drive time as possible.

You know, for kids!

I like maraca shaped routes :smiley:

If you’re referring to storefronts, AMEN. I do a few for friends (I also do their homes) who own storefront businesses. What a waste of time!

actually I was joking… my business was built on commercial. because I built a large commercial clientele it’s given me the flexibility to start nailing a solid residential clientele.

Matt, I have to disagree. I have plenty of comm work that pays very well, restaurants, hotel, car dealerships…I think theres more $ in commercial than residential…just my experience:) i’d rather do commercial all day than residential…jmo

ummm…if you read the comment above yours you will see what I was talking about

I like a mix of commercial and residential. We have 2 solid routes and aren’t hungry for new accounts: so on any new ones I make more than worth it so I can “lose” the deadweight jobs as time goes on. I think where you are located and the level of competition can affect your profitability.

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It’s OK, I forgive you :smiley:


dont want to hijack this thread, but since on the topic of commercial…for those that do…say a…“chilis” or any place along that sort…do they: 1. usually want in & out or just out, 2. do they require special “times” for you to clean them…3. are places like this “usually” bi/weekly/monthly?