How to clean around signs on glass

I wanted to know what most of you do when cleaning a door or window that has a sign on the glass. What I mean is some of the businesses will have a sign on the glass that sticks out and has a small gap between the sign and the glass. This leads to water running down the glass after it has been cleaned. Thanks.

Take the extra seconds and just pop it off the window clean it and put it back!!! Bam done…the open closed signs that plug in can be way more annoying then the plastic suction signs… If you dont want to take signs down use spray away on the windows with signs…spray away can be found at home depot

I do a few different things. I first ask it the sign can be moved. If that does not work I use surgical towel and stuff it between the glass and the sign or I use the scrubber on the top of the sign to block the water from running down the window. That’s two of the easiest & quickest things to do.

If the sign is easily movable, I do it. If it’s too time consuming or if there are so many taped signs on the glass I just dab the exposed glass with the end of my mop or with a wet towel and touch it up. If the top half of the glass is clear I will mop down to about 4-6" above signs and squeegee what I mopped and hold a towel at the bottom edge to prevent the water from getting down to the signs. Then I hand wipe just below it.

try to get the business to remove them prior to your arrival. you could write it up in your original proposal, possibly even suggesting an additional charge if you have to do it. you could also call your customer when you are on your way. i call all customers about a half hour before arrival and ask to remove as much away from the windows as they can and remove any signs if possible. i have a small restaurant that used to leave all of the signs up and would have papers taped to the glass advertising bands that would be playing there soon. i started out asking them to remove them, but they didnt. so i raised the price. not only did it not work but for the extra money they expected me to remove the signs. so i got crafty. i started putting them back slightly askew. not great business practice on my part, i know, but it worked.

Usually magnetic store hours or fixed address numbers, easy clean.

Generally… if they’re stickers, I became fluent with both hands and will squeegee up and around the sign… any signs that can be removed, I remove them. If they’re raised signs with gaps between the glass and the sign, but can’t be removed, the two hand method works well there too… and I always carry a touch up cloth to grab any drips. Move on to a few more windows, if you can and come back to the ones that may drip.

Much easier to remove the sign. But if it can’t be done, fashion a tool to help you. Sometimes a squeegee channel with scrim wrapped round it will do the job. If it’s a thinner, a stiff plastic handle will usually do the job i.e. for overlapping shower/glass lift doors.

I’ve also used a Wagtail + pad upside down if I don’t want the water to go down.

Remove them and charge accordingly. Make sure management is aware of the increase in price.
Money is more about time spent, rather than cleaning glass IMO.

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If it is just a sticker or decal I just clean the window normally and then wipe the sticker down with a detail rag.