How to clean high interior glass with wide ledges (Pictures)

With a ladder or a lift, if your asking I assume you don’t have the pole experience to use a ledger.

Unger speed clean. I have the same ledges on a building but it also has beam next to the windows. 3 story atrium around 90 pieces of glass. Speed clean took care of it with 70%alcohol and 30% pure water

I see that I did not word my question the right way. Its been quite a day.

We are planning on using a ledger, I was just seeing if anyone had any better ideas. We are concerned that we may leave a small line at the bottom of the windows on some of the higher windows because the ledge is so wide.

The indoor wfp will prevent the line on the bottom and the black water drips on the ledge. If they have a heavy film you may want to use the washing pad first then go over with the cleaning pad. If that is not more than 25 ft you could use the Hydro Clean pole made of carbon fiber.

I have heard about Unger Speed Clean, but I have never tried it. That is a great idea. Thanks!

Get a 16” ledger handle on a pole. And a swivel t bar. Two poles working a level at a time. Just did a bunch like this.
16” ledger is tricky at first at height. But it comes.
Maybe get a swivel pad and absorbing pad for the bottom edge to dry or detail the water off the ledge.

Yeah that’s what we have right now and are planning on using if we get the contract. Thanks!