How to clean this?

I provide window cleaning but I do not provide pressure washing. These frames are so bad they are not going to come clean by wiping them with a rag or with a water fed pole. I was thinking of putting some 12.5% mixed with water in a bucket and using my 20’ unger traditional pole with my unger traditional brush dipping it in the bleach scrubbing the windows and then just hosing it off with a garden hose. Will take 5 minutes! I am not a pressure washer but I have played around with bleach a little bit do you think that process will work and what percentage should I dilute it too?

Not a pressure washer guy here, but I wonder what the siding below the window will look like after the solution drips down. Either I would do the best I could with WFP and explain to the customer, or would ladder up and do by hand. The alternative makes the whole side of the house a problem needing fixing.

I’ve heard that bird poop fades the paint away , so won’t look like it never happened.
The way I would clean that is hose it down really well , then clean with a WFP

I’m talking about the frames. A wet rag by hand isn’t gonna clean this .

You got it! That will work perfect. I do a lot of pressure washing, and SH is amazing at melting organics like bird poop, spider webs and stuff like that. Dilute 12.5% at a 10-1 ratio and you should be good to go. Apply it as you mentioned, let it dwell for a bit, give it time to do it’s job, then scrub and rinse. Those frames will look great.

Pure water is a powerful cleaning agent. Let the pure water Soak on the glass and frames for a few minutes then brush and rinse away with your WFP.

I think the bleach method would certainly be faster but if you don’t have any pure water will work too.

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@sethfenster dido amazing the power of pure water with the right brush and agitation

So you guys believe I can just use my tucker boars hair brush and waterfed pole it?

Any concerns with the siding or will 10 to 1 not hurt it? Potentially clean it by accident lol

Give it a whirl. Do you have the bronze wool kit or the Tucker Alpha scrubber. That would also help if the boars hair is not working.

Hot water and a sponge is the best way to shift bird poo.No chemicals required.

Don’t use the 12.5. Looks like painted siding and you don’t know how it’s going to react. Scrub well with your wfp, it will probably remove more than you think. It’s not your fault they let a bird continuously $h!t all over the window and frame. If they want more done, refer them to someone who can wash the house professionally then you clean after.