How to Clean? Upper windows over ledge

I have a couple of Stir Fry Asian Restaraunts that I’ve been handed to complete. The upper windows go once a month but … I don’t know how to safely clean them. Walking on the ledge is not going to work. What I’ve been told is to side-pole it from a ladder. However I don’t know that this is safe. I’ve been trained to always have 3 points of contact on a ladder for safety reasons. I have a guy who is coming to help me and show me how he does it. But I’m a little skeptical right now. I won’t put myself in an unsafe situation to wash a freaking window. Is it safe to pole from a ladder??

Here is a picture of what I’m trying to do. It isn’t great but hopefully it will give you an idea of what I’m up against. You can at least see the ledge I’m reffering to. It’s about 12 feet high and extends about 5 feet. How would you do this?? Thanks for any advice.

pole it from the ladder, no big deal.

How about a backpack and WFP with an Unger HiFlo MultiLink Gooseneck System?

pole from ladder with super system or swivel ledger

Strong sturdy ladder with a pole. At first yea its a little wierd but you get used to it. If you have one or can afford one a wfp would do wonders.

I usually turn around and lean back against my ladder in that situation and pole it. Two feet + legs + butt + back = plenty of contact. Poling it sideways will keep you from having to use any kind of ledger.

I did a store EXACTLY like that last week, same building plans I think. Only it was a sports bar. I used the unger zero degree with a pole from the ladder.

I do this type clean all the time especially in residential. I use a ladder with a wide stabilizer. some ladder mitts on it for my hip comfort as I lean against the ladder Never climb past the 3rd rung down your pole can extend if needed. I use an Ettore reach pole and a squeegee with a swivel handle.
I then work the pole until I get the soap on the glass in arms reach and I then lay my pole across the stabilizer then finish by hand.
Trim out as needed and climb back down.

I’d use my wfp and back pack.

wfp down from the roof


I think he’s pointing out right above the awning/canopy that’s right above the door-12’. Not any windows below the roof line, if that’s what your referring to !


I was only kidding, dange :slight_smile:

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If you use the shortest pole required to reach the glass plus a zero degree squeegee or wagtail squeegee, you should be able to do this one-handed while standing on a ladder with three points of contact. I do one handed pole work all the time provided the reach isn’t too far.

There’s a joke in here somewhere about handling a long pole one-handed, but it’s too early to think-- coffee hasn’t kicked in yet;)

There’s a joke in here somewhere about handling a long pole one-handed, but it’s too early to think-- coffee hasn’t kicked in yet
You’re a sick man woody! But I may have been thinking the same thing.


I did do this job from a ladder with pole (2 handed) as suggested. However I didn’t have a 0 degree handle so it was a bit awkward finishing everything out. I think I’ll get used to it and will be getting a zero degree to see if it helps. I did feel somewhat uncomfortable with no hands on the ladder. I turned backwards with my butt against the ladder and poled it. You know, the way you are never supposed to be on a ladder. I have to wonder how many times window cleaners do things on ladders that they really shouldn’t be doing. I guess it’s perhaps a comfort level, but I always try to follow the rules I’ve been trained on. One fall off a ladder will ruin everything for me and my family. So perhaps I’m cautioning on the side of safety moreso than others do.

The inside is pretty inaccessible. Light fixtures hang from a 6-8 foot ledge over the tables. There is also a lot of ducts that are in the way. I was only able to do the outside because I couldn’t figure out a good way to get the inside done. There were a few places I stuck a ladder and was able to clean a couple windows but largely the inside was just, … well not window cleaner friendly. I know some have done these same setups. Anyone have luck doing the insides??

Three point contact is only necessary while ascending and descending a ladder.


That’s the worst advice I’ve read in a very long time.