How to clean your carbon fibre pole

Hello all!

I was just wondering how many of you clean your carbon fibre waterfed poles. I’ve been using a magic eraser because it’s quick and simple and then drying with a huck towel.

Is there an actual ‘proper’ method, cleaner, applicator?


Very weird to see this thread here today. Pole just completely jammed up on me. Not sure if its the from the cold and ice that’s been building up on it or maybe the dirt from the construction that’s going on here, or both. I managed to get the top and bottom sections off but 4 sections are not budging. The pole is an ettore aquaclean 35’ hybrid. Don’t know of that is a factor here or not.

I never thought of ever lubing them up, just pull me out and work.

Yeah, I wasn’t really looking for instructions on overhauling a pole (like in Tory’s video) but general week to week cleaning to keep it in top form. i’ve heard of waxing poles from some on Facebook but didn’t know if that would cause slippage with the clamps.

Honestly. I have never cleaned my wfp. 11 years and I have never had the need to do so.

I shower with mine and then dry with clean scrim or hucks. Mark Munro puts his in a river. That’s pretty hardcore.

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I think Perry Tate recommends hitting it with a coat of Teflon every now and then (if it’s carbon fiber)

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Thanks for bringing up this topic. I managed to pry my pole apart today and clean her up. It’s brand new again. I feel like Hugh Hefner on Viagra. It works again.

That makes me feel better. I have had mine for a year and a half I think an cleaned it once. No way would I clean it like the way Tory does it everyday. I do want to start cleaning it at least once a week though well every other week at least. I guess ill buy some of that tire dressing an start hitting it here an there.

I shower it and dry it with a microfiber… Then a fast coat of carnauba wax for gliding purposes(smooth operation)