How to clean

What would i need to be able to reach and clean a 3rd floor?
Also this pic is the lowest part around the building. Depending but still that 3rd floor is out of reach.

Possibly, but the windows being recessed will probably give you some trouble, especially if those sills are holding a lot of dirt.

you might need a boomlift. Those ledges look deep

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oh ok thank you, i can do the 1st 2 floors np but that 3rd is looking a bit out of reach.

I think the 3rd floor can be done with wfp. You will most likely want an extension to reach over the ledge.
I would go up there inside too ahead of time to see their condition and then after to see how they turned out. Also you may want a sill brush for the wfp if the ledges have a lot of dirt. A lift is also an option but pricey and by the pics it looks like you may not be able to get a lift all the way around, hard to tell.

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A rope and safety harness.

Happy repelling!

Just kidding, of course, but hey…

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nah thats too much haha like my feet firmly planted on the ground. going to buy a 40 ft wfp set up and cap at 3 stories.

Wfp system with a 20-24” gooseneck.