How to do Construction Window Cleans

I’d go out on a limb and say its likely those doors are tempered, if so the video demonstrates what not to do


If it’s on the internet, it has to be true. They can’t put false things on the internets…


@Steve076 As still somewhat of a noob, if you would please clarify for me as to why you said that? I’m inferring that doors must be commonly tempered as a safety measure (Which I didn’t know but totally makes sense) and that using the blade could break the glass and leave a huge mess? Steel wool isn’t a problem, correct? Thanks!

You generally don’t want to use a razor on tempered glass due to the glass fabrication debris ( which may or may not exist) but regardless tempered glass has a tendency to scratch. Cc is not my main thing but in my experience a razor is the only way to get it done in any amount of reasonable time. I get the client to sign a waiver. Wether or not a waiver will stand up in court is to be debated however.

When I do use a razor I make sure to dip it in a bucket of water to remove any debris that might have been picked up as well as rinsing the window regularly. Especially when switching between razor and steel wool or razor and mop. If you pick up a small piece of stucco (etc…) With your steel wool and then rub it all over the glass you’re going to scratch the hell out of it.

Thanks for the info! Very helpful! :):slightly_smiling_face:

No problemo. The waiver is key. As a side note, when removing adhesive ammonia works great

Since tempered windows scratch easily, It’s best to know where tempered glass is. Building codes require it in various locations, entries bathrooms kitchens, windows about 42" ( Distance can change my location) and lower from the floor, Usually large windows