How to do this building?

Good morning! Happy Friday

Recently got a request for this building they want 2 estimates one for outside only one for in & out.

First off they have no water spigot on the outside so forget about wfping this.

I was thinking 2 options, option 1) use extension poles 2) use a lift.

My father who works in high rise says we can use extension poles to get to the 4th / 5th story.

I don’t want to use extension poles cause the quality could turn out tragic.

I want to go the lift route but main question is would you use extension poles for this?

Do you think it could drip and turn out bad, I don’t really want to use poles that high up.

Or just walk away :slight_smile:

Find the water source inside… they must have a custodian closet… and get a booster pump for the wfp and a whole lotta hose

They might have water hookups that are in the ground, covered usually with a plastic lid rather than spigots on the building. I don’t think a lift is viable except where there is pavement. It will really tear up that grass and if the ground is soft, well, fuggetaboudit…No way in hell would I ever attempt trad poling them.

oh u smart

He says “It’s commercial, they don’t care about quality” :joy:


Boosters are pretty inexpensive and add quite a bit of pressure. This it’s the best bet.

I purchased a Gardiner wfp backpack (not actually to wear, just carry or cart around) and I love it. If you have a method of transporting water to the site or to make it from inside the building it’s what I use for all my wfp work. Might not be good for this situation, but for me it works wonders in areas they don’t have spigots. Have a 125 gal tank in my through I just fill halfway full when it gets low and refill the Gardiner as needed. If you can get wfp to work it will be worth it.

On hydrophobic glass I sometimes wfp, rinse, and then have a squeegee on the back of the wfp that I squeegee off just to make sure it’s done well. But I’m not nearly as much as an expert on wfp as most of these guys.