How to do this job

Had a guy ask me to quote this. Not sure how I would get the top panes. I use ladders and squeezes. He did say it was tempered glass. Ive only seen pictures of it so far but from what I can see theres 269 panes. He wants in/out done. I usually charge 2 bucks per pane. It’s $538. I was thinking more though. Its going to be hot and the sun is going to dry up the water fast. What do you think, Thanks

I take it that you don’t have a wfp. If you are going to pole that I would put some steel wool on the mop. You will need two poles. I would be 650-800 depending on ladder set ups and distance. But I have a wfp which would make it 100x easier for me to do.

Looks like one of those cases where a waterfed pole would be needed. I suppose if you were good at poling you could ladder up and use a long enough pole to reach. But it looks like mineral deposits are going to be your enemy. Some jobs you just need to walk away from if you don’t have the needed equipment to do a satisfactory job.


We have a couple of houses with that exact same sunroom design. Highly recommend a good water fed pole set up or I would pass on the job. If it’s a first time clean you will be scrubbing forever. We use a reg a frame ladder to get up high enough and just scrub and rinse- repeat. Make sure you charge enough, those horizontal windows are a pain to clean inside and out.

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We recently did one of these, and I have a good WFP set up and it was still a nightmare. It is very easy to eat your bid on a job like this. We did :smile:

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