How to get franchised businesses as your clients?

There is a drug store chain across my area called, let’s say, BVS. They have dirty windows if I’ve ever seen them. But let’s say I want to think big about this, so for right now, I do NOT just walk right into any one store and talk to them about some windows washing. Let’s say I want to do all of them, the entire enchilada. How would you recommend I go about doling this? How have you done it? Obviously, it starts with communicating with the district office, but then what? Advice appreciated…


P.S. One thing I want to be sure to do, if I can get a franchise under my belt like that, is to make it so I do ALL them in my town. That way it’s worth my time for maybe one whole day a week to spend going around doing all of them.

Do some searches in the box Up top on the right for “NSP” or National Service Providers.

Typically something like a BVS :wink: Will be handled through one of those. The NSP coordinates WC across the country… Matches headquarters with window cleaners across the country.

Typically they pay slow and low

There is a reason chain outfits like BVS have very dirty windows. One of the biggest is you will lose money per clean trying to do the work, and then you will wait months to get paid, if ever. You will have no say in anything. They (NSP) will dictate everything, including price in a take it or leave it manner. If you fail to cross an i or dot a t, they will reject the bill and you start all over again trying to get paid. Besides, they are getting paid by BVS as part of their contract, every month, even if the windows get cleaned 2 or 3 times per year. They hire you, you clean the glass in January, maybe February too, they don’t pay you. You quit, they hire another you who works May and maybe June and then quits because they don’t get paid. Now they only need to find 1 more fool, you, to cover the fall and they have the windows clean enough for the year that stores don’t complain and they got paid for the entire year.

I’m going to see what I can do on my own with direct contact. Yeah there is NSP and it’s good to know about their typical race-to-the-bottom wages/payments, but there’s nothing that says they contract for every franchised company in the country. You’ll miss some of the shots you take, but you’ll miss all of them you don’t.

Could be tough to figure that one out. Try to start small.