How to get rid of hard water stains caused from metal framed windows

I do these windows on a condo that has these metal framed windows there’s another condo above them that constantly get run off from their balcony and it gets on their windows I’ve tried using vinegar and lemon juice on it. And using super fine steel wool but doesn’t seem to cut through. Any suggestions?

Some might say try bar keepers friend it should be readily available to you if you’re in the states. Take some and make into a paste and apply to area. Use #0000 steel wool or white scrub pad and scrub away. Then afterwards make sure to mop and squeegee clean.

Then others might say use a hard water remover. Alot of them on the market. If you’re leaning more towards this im sure if you search the forum you will find tons of threads on whats what. Good luck

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You might also try One Restore. @HE_MAN just posted a video showing how he uses it.


iv used this to very good effect on glass with metal run off stains and water stains

i was given it by a domestic cleaner who bought it/used it for removing limescale in bathrooms. this is its main application i understand

she stopped using it because it was very fumey. which it is ,but outdoors i find if i use it carefully ,standing well back, its ok. it works if you wipe it on ,leave dwell no more than a minute and then wash off

Barkeeper’s Friend on a wet cloth or scrub pad to start. If that doesn’t work then cerium oxide and a polishing wheel would probably be your next step.