How to get window adhesive off

I have a potential new client. She said, “if you can get that glue of that window, you can come back each month.” This is a doctors office, would be a really good client; word of mouth wise. She said she has tried everything herself to remove this glue. It is the adhesive from a Velcro sticky that she had attached a poster to. Looks like the sun has baked it good. Any suggestions on what I may be able to use. She said she has used every over the counter home-depot product and a razor blade and nothing works. Sure would be nice to just go in, wipe it off, and get that account.:confused:


I personally haven’t used it, but heard that oil-flow works well for things like this.

Ya oil flow. Hold your nose. Smell sucks.

I’m sure a razor blade would remove it - did you not have a crack whilst you were there?


Wet the window and use a razor. You may need to rewet and scrape more than once to get all the residue. Oh, and welcome Jenna.

Try Accetone, it gets the sticky glue stuff off sometimes better than oil-flo. We use it a lot in post construction. You can purchase this at CVS,Walgreens, its used for nail polish. Get the 100% kind and you’ll be rolling. Dab it on a rag do a quick wipe and it should come right off. Its usually an immediate chemical reaction. I was amazed when I used it. Its only a couple bucks.

Can you use this product on window tint/film???

Good point Doug! Acetone will destroy tint!

is there anything you can use on tint?? Client asked me today, I told her i dont think there is anything.

She mentioned to me that you could use vodka to remove adhesive, but i dont know if it would damage the tint.

You could test Isopropyl alcohol in an inconspicuous area.

Thanks Much…

I have read on the forums that alcohol is not safe on tint.

I know ammonia is not safe on tint. I searched a couple of forums and couldn’t find anything that said positively alcohol (in a small amount) would damage tint. I could have just missed it though.

I remember alcohol and ammonia both being bad. I know a couple guys that install tint. I’ll give them a call.

Thanks Mike! Can you get a recommendation on what to use?

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I spoke with one guy so far. He said the damage that ammonia and alcohol will cause is gradual and not noticeable at first. Over time the tint will look hazing or just dull. If the tint has a crack in it and the cleaning solution gets behind the tint you are in trouble. It will eat away at the adhesive behind the tint and cause the tint to bubble. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I would recommend GG4 on tinted windows. Go to their web site at and you will see that it is made to be safe on tinted windows.[/FONT][/COLOR]

I use GG4 on tinted windows. I think Doug was needing to know if there was a way to remove adhesive residue from tint. Could you ask the tint guys if tey have a recommendation for that?

To the best of my knowledge anything that we would use to remove adhesive would also remove or at least damage tinting.

Let someone else be the hero. If you damage the tinting they won’t thank you for trying. They’ll probably ask you to replace it.

Anything that has alcohol with like accetone is bad for tint/film cause that stuff has glue/and adhesives in it too. But accetone is great if you are trying to get that sticky stuff off.
The best way i know to get the adhesive off is to apply slightly more concentrated dawn on the adhesive or a light citrus based hand detergent and let it sit for about a minute, then just scrub it lightly. If there is a better way…I’d love to know.