How to grow your window cleaning business

This June will mark my 5 glorious years of having my own window cleaning business. I have really had a lot of success and am looking forward to growing it more and more. Right now I want to do more to get more customers but don’t know exactly what to do. I get most of my business from online searches and also of course a lot of word of mouth, but is there something more I can do to generate more business? I am not really looking for a lot of storefront jobs. My focus would be residential/bigger commercial accounts. Any thoughts? What are you doing to grow your business?

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what I am doing is what I always, finding a wall and pounding my head against it till it feels “good”.


that doesn’t sound good :hushed:

The fastest way to grow a business is to buy other businesses and/or routes.

As for me, I am expanding to other areas this year. I have been able to afford a wee bit of advertising for the new areas but will be increasing that as soon as my “Come see me in the spring” customers are ready for me. I will be stuck with a lot of windshield time but that’s the hard reality of my local demographics as I live in a small town at the end of the road.


to grow.

work demand (marketing)
work force (hire, train)
Then a wall with no support to feel good :slight_smile:

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Print this and hang it on a wall in your office.

It should do the trick.

Otherwise @Jayrr1 just keep doing what you’re doing. Sounds like you’re doing well in your venture!