How to handle existing hard water spots on glass when using a pure water system

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I am want to begin using a pure water system for residential and commerical work. The question I have is how to deal with existing hard water spots and other debris that that typically requires a chemical, like glass gleam 4 or a hard water spot remover, to get the window clean. With residential windows it is easy enough to access most windows, the harder issue is three and four story buildings with many windows.



I don’t have a WFP setup yet and I’ve wondered the same question. By some of the things I have read, I believe some WFP’s can be setup with a scraper blade also. Or other attachments for that matter. I look forward to reading the responses from those using WFP’s.

Here’s how we deal w/ it -


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Great video Tony. Another method is to use an Unger Fixi-Clamp (or Ettore equivilant) attached to the Reach Around on a water fed pole. Fold a thin white pad in half and clamp it into the Unger Fixi-Clamp. Apply your favorite hard water stain remover to the folded white pad then scrub the glass with the pole.

You can also use a truck wash brush on a standard extension pole and spray “One Restore” onto the brush. Brush the One Restore onto the glass then scrub with a short dwell time then rinse the glass with a garden hose or a power washer. Once the hard water stains are completely gone finish up by water fed poling the glass for the final clean.

With all of the tools and cleaners we have available there are several ways to clean hard water stains with an extension pole or Water Fed Pole.

John Lee and Shawn Gavin, among others, are testing a Nanophase Technologies product that is cerium oxide based and is delivered via WFP.

water fed constuction cleaning - YouTube


I use a similar technique. New to WFP so before I use to do something similar for my heavier cleanings. Move-outs, first times, or cleaning new construction to get cement and film off before scraping. I use a car wash brush from Advance auto. It is a very soft, thick, radial brush with bristles on the sides. It really gets into corners where the calking is and all the frame interior tracks. If water available it attaches to hose for flushing/scrubbing, otherwise I have a solution bucket to dip into. It does hold a lot of liquid in the bristles. I even tried using this to do a scrub and follow up with a Ionic car wash deionizer. It gets water to about 15ppm but have saved a lot of time scrubbing then rinse with DI water where as before I would have to detail each window before water dried. Not worried too much about spotting. Will spot a little but most of these homes will sit another month vacant.
I was just thinking about about getting old spots off because a builder had the sprinkler guys install and the head has been spraying for a week on 2 double hung with arch. In this hot sun, not good. What is good to get this stuff off? I used my winegar/lemon juce with a bit of glass glean and had blade scrape. I usually have some sort of basic sprays. I have tried 9% vinegar, lemon juice, shower spray (another window cleaner I know only uses that and Dawn to clean) a bit of muriatic acid. I have not tried the powder you mentioned. Some of these special products are expensive. Any advice for a cheaper option would be much appreciated.

Lime-a way, I use and scrub in circles. then wash good. takes off some pretty tuff stuff.