How to hire 1099?

23 years doing this, and now it’s come to the point I can’t keep up. I was a 1099 twice myself but have no idea how it actually works…insurance, hiring, taxes etc.


Make sure your the designation for your help is correct. When I first started my business and finally needed help I used others as a " Sub-Contractor " ( 1099 ). After several years it was obvious they were actually employees so I made the right decision to reclassify and put them on payroll. If you have an Accountant make sure you counsel closely with them on this decision.

It really boils down to one word - " Control ". And I will say this ; In my opinion this is the most misunderstood and abused business relationship in our industry.


When I first started with hiring the Small Business Administration was a big help.

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Don’t even think about it, I advise. My employees to subs cost me tens of thousands. State/Feds/Osha/EDD all are tightening up.