How to keep track of money / bookkeeping?

How do you fellow window cleaners keep track of the “money” in your business.

Currently I use an excel sheet that lists the customers name, how long the service took, how much revenue I made, expenses, etc.

What’s a better way to track all of this? My sheet is getting quite lengthy and I’m looking for a better way to track all of this.

Is this where QuickBooks comes in lol?



I keep track of it all in Customer Factor.


Have you heard of waveapps? It’s similar to quickbooks but free. I’ll have to look into both.

I like Customer Factor, it keeps track of everything having to do with scheduling/customers/jobs/expenses.
It does not link to a bank account like quickbooks does which is not a big deal for me.

I like QuickBooks because it’s what our CPA and bookkeeper use. They can log right into our account and see everything they need to for preparing our taxes each year.


Customer factor! Accountant has my password and she also uses quickbooks

QBO is the best. You want to use the industry standard rather than some startup app so that your accountant is adept at it as well.

By the way Narcos, when you’re ready for an accountant I have a great one out of Parsippany.

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WaveApps. Great for general accounting, invoicing (can even accept credit cards), and free. Maybe a bit of a learning curve for some, but well worth the effort.

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It has alot of great features and free lol. Good for a startup

Thanks! However I have one that we use for now!


It saves hours every month. Pays for itself with debts list, profit and loss, list of jobs due by date, worksheets, expenses, mobile and desktop app.

I use Housecall Pro ($169/month). Every transaction is sent to Quickbooks online. does the accounting remotely ($200/month). I get reports from backoffice monthly. I also bank with chase. I prefer to be paid by check. Chase allows me to deposit from my phone and every receipt is uploaded and matched to each transaction through the chase app. Payroll is done through Gusto. Everything is done digitally.