How to pay a helper

Ok so I am still new at this how do you pay a helper if you have a job that is to big for just you by the job or by the hour

You could pay them either way, but if you pay by the hour, I think it changes your liability as a employer, rather than subcontracting labor. You need to know your state laws to answer that.

A little info:
Here in Florida you don’t have to report hiring someone unless you pay them $600 or more for the year.

Check with the IRS in your state, or SCORE (service core of retired executives), more recently known as Councilors To Americas Small Business. It is a free mentoring program where you can get free advice.

As far as what to pay, that pretty much depends on what it is worth to you to have the help, and how good the help is. When I take on a temp it is worth it to me to pay well. I set out the expectation and what I will pay. To me this does not resemble even close to minimum wage.

Another option is to network with other window cleaners in your area and if you find a guy you like, just call him up and see if he would like to share the profits on a job that might be too big for either man alone.

This way you eschew the training and liability aspects of hired help.

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I’ve had a few helpers before.

I noticed if you say you pay them cash/per hour, they drag the work all day…trips to the truck for everything.

Had a job that was supposed to take us like 3-4 hours…ended up being 5-6

Next time around, I told him I’d pay him a flat cash amount, if we finished early or late, it would be up to him. Dude hustled and we finished sooner than I thought we would haha, he ended up making like 18 per hour, as opposed to the 12-13 I would have payed him per hour.