How to prevent windows freezing up?

Hey fellas,
Been having some real winter weather in the UK recently and it has led to a problem that does not usually occur. That being, windows freezing up when you are cleaning them.
What would you recommend to add to the water (in a bucket/traditional window cleaning not wfp) to prevent this.
I know the best answer would be to wait till March, but fortunately I am pretty much booked up for the next two months and, unfortunately, I need the money!!!
Cheers Sam

There are various products that can be added to your solution to do this job, alcohol among them. However, rather than use elaborate and expensive solutions I have always simply preferred “blue juice,” otherwise known as windshield wiper fluid, straight on the washer strip, applied with a squirt bottle kept right on my belt (most soaps freeze, too).

That is something I was thinking about trying, was worried about smearing maybe. Alcohol was also a though…
Cheers for advice

Nah, won’t smear.

Another word on alcohol (and ammonia, as well); it can discolor some fabrics, so you always want to be on the safe side when using it, by using a dropcloth.

Search – “Methanol” – show threads:

Here’s a video w/ a few choices for you

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Methanol hands down the best. Now Iv’e used windshield wiper fluid in the “past” but the formula/amount of methanol content in all Windshield Wiper Fluid is significantly less than what it was “years” ago, 0.5% Methanol for every per part gallon??? no I’m sorry it wont get the job done. It dosent matter if the Blue Wiper Fluid said it is good for -20 or the Pink RV Fluid That is said to be good for -50 lol it’s all the same solution. Also Iv’e noticed that when you do use Wiper Fluid, as soon as you go to clean the inside windows of the job the glass will cloud up like no other. Especially if it’s really hot or there"s alot of humidity on the inside of the job. I/E usually during winter. So the jist is if you can find it use Methanol, It wont freeze and combind with Dawn or any other dish soap it makes a great cleaning solution.

Thanks for all the advice…looks like I have lots of different options to try out, nice video Tony…

I only use the “smurf juice” on the outside cause yeah, it’s no good for insides. On the inside I use my typical water/soap/etc mix.

Boy, if it got to -20F in the UK it’d be a new ice age!

We’re currently -18 in Madrid. Went out to look at the snow today - I need to move to a warmer climate!