How to price inside and outside (storefront)

Hey guys, how should I price storefront outside and inside? I didn’t find an exact answer.

There’s 1 small window (1 sqr m) on a storefront. My price is 2$/square meter. Do I charge 2$ for outside and 2$ for inside or do I charge 2$ for outside AND inside?

So there’s a storefront that I’m to clean: 5 small (1 sqr m), 7 medium (1.5 sqr m) and 5 big windows (2 sqr m) and the price would be 51$ for outside and 102$ for outside + inside.
I’m having arguments with some of my relatives saying that the price is way too high and the others saying that it’s a reasonable price. I don’t know who to listen to.

Yeah storefronts aren’t going to pay that much. The key to making money on storefronts is to have a bunch of them next to each other and build a route every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks (not monthly).

Depending on where you are, you can charge $2-5 per window (inside and out). Let’s say you charge $3 per window, 17 windows would be $51 (inside and out - where accessible). Always put “where accessible” on any quotes because you can’t waste time moving mannequins or displays or stuff like that.

Outside only, do 60% of whatever the in/out price is: call it $30 because you’ll do the door inside and out.

The size of the window generally doesn’t matter that much if you’re proficient with a pole. And a pole is ABSOLUTELY KEY to making money with storefronts. Without a picture, what you described should take only about 30-45 minutes to do.

You must have a minimum charge and it doesn’t matter if it’s just a door and a window. $20-25 might be a good minimum.

With houses, you should shoot for $125 per hour minimum. Storefronts, try to shoot for $65-100 per hour. Commercial (say like an insurance building) you should be making $75 per hour minimum and with a wfp you can easily make way more than that.

Again, it depends on your area and what people are expecting to pay. However, storefronts don’t expect to pay much. And it’s been a while since I’ve built a route so maybe others can give you better pricing.

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Good luck with storefront. You wont find much loyalty there. The minutes one of your local Bobs wonders in and offers to clean for 10$ or the manager thinks “we can do it ourselves” they will.

I had a decent route running for a while but prices had to come up since inflation is INSANE…alot of them have dried up this year.

I’m hoping we can get rid of the current regime asap…they are very bad for business.